One of the most functional utilities online has been the hashtag. It proves to have many advantages one mainly allowing huge topics summarised into a single word allowing myriads of people to discuss it in ‘unison’. It makes it easier to know what is the most talked about stuff when a hashtag is repeatedly used by millions worldwide and later resulting into trending topics-the most talked about. Facebook recently adopted this tool, showing how eminent it is in the social world.

As bloggers in Zambia, the use of the hashtag has come in handy. We have come up with a hashtag we are calling #IAmAZedblogger .This hashtag is actually a project initiated by one Martha Kundwe who currently basically blogs on fashion.I got introduced to it last week and I agreed with her ideas on this. So this is just the beginning and is set to hopefully fully expand next year.

This system is not in any way complex. We will simply share our posts on twitter, facebook, instagram etc. using the same hashtag #IAmAZedBlogger .This way it will be easier for us bloggers and you readers to find our posts on these networks. It simply serves as an advertisement of our works. All bloggers are encouraged to use this tag and is currently strictly Zambian as it aims to unite the nation’s bloggers perhaps in due course we may come up with a continental regional tag and so on.

I personally feel this is a good idea as it presents us with a platform to be exposed.I mean what is a blog without viewers? It is like you building a mall where only you shops. We need our work to be appreciated, rationally criticised and analysed. We are not paid to do this, but inspiration among ourselves and you the readers will allow us to attain a feeling of satisfaction. I would like all Zambian bloggers to come out and show us their very best.If it means we have to compete with a goal to produce quality work, #letsbringit.Lets support each other by following eachother’s blogs and sharing every post. Let’s blog on topics that will build the nation positively.

To the readers, a blog is not a personal diary. We do this because we know you are there to consume the written art. So your support is what matters the most. You do not just end by reading, your mind should always compel you to share, like comment on the post,Retweeet and any other way you could to show us the appreciation we may deserve.A post may be useful to someone far away from you,so always be ready to share.If you think you too can write,why not join the team than waste your skill?

So lets tweet #IAmAZedBlogger.Compliments of the season 🙂



It doesn’t have to take a prodigy really to note that there lies a thin line between love and a relationship,but it is ironic how so many remain in a befuddled state in relation to the two.There are so many people in a relationship, but not in love. Yes, I guess you see the picture now.

Much as each of these two terms come in unique definitions (for an individual to be satisfied), they have to coexist. I mean why love someone you are not dating and whom you know will never reciprocate the feeling or why be in a relationship with someone you do not love and vice versa? My point is a relationship deprived of love is like washing a pig-there is absolutely no point.Some say love comes softly in a relationship, but I beg to differ because this is not always the case as the maturity of love depends on so many factors, for example the maturity of the two involved.

Usually, a relationship sparkles and flourishes initially. It really is an esplanade. It’s 10 calls plus a hundred sweet texts daily and a constant reminder of “I love you”. A huge commitment to a mutual cause in two people is reflected then. Maybe this a consequence of the ecstasy or excitement in experiencing something wonderfully new, but all we have noticed and possibly experienced is that the initial stages of a relationship or anything generally, brings out the best in people. I like to think though that the very best in people resurfaces when a relationship turns sour and they still strive to keep it working.

The decline in commitment in most relationships during their course can be accredited to the statements “too much of anything is bad/boring” and “variety is the spice of life”. The reason these two prove to be true in some relationships is due to lack of a vision of a lifetime commitment to that particular relationship. What is to be realized is that someday your interest in a person that extremely drives you crazy, has you blushing, resurrects butterflies in your stomach and all will actually wane. This serves as a premonition and prepares you for that day. It helps you make a decision you are sure of because you will know that a relationship’s stability actually fluctuates.

The greatest impedance to a robust relationship is cheating. It is the worst exhibition of one’s disrespect for their lover. I believe there is no reason to cheat for communication is a vital tool to express your discomfort. Temptation is one root of cheating. There are few men who can resist a buxom pursing them. Women on the other hand are pursued by men more successful and better looking than their man which is a huge temptation for them, but a rational woman really in love proves to overcome such a temptation mostly. Friends, a relationship is and should always be between two people, the third person is a devil as they come to destroy what you have built and suffered for. Say no to that intruder always.

If we can ignore temptations, implement a healthy communication channel and develop a strong will to fight for our relationships, we could have reduced enough break ups, divorces and obviously millions of heartbreaks worldwide. The greatest drive of a relationship is love and God is love.So pray for the stability of your relationship and your partner. You will be best guided that way as God is the greatest guru.Keep in mind that a relationship is a two way thing,both people have to put in as much to yield favorable results.

This is a very vast and controversial topic and so if you disagree with me in one way, I totally understand, but first are you fighting for your love and relationship?


Nearing the year end,hearing about resolutions is such a cliché or the term itself  is simply a mantra.Apparently,most embrace the thought of becoming new like the coming year consequently not fathoming the real purpose of resolutions.Resolutions should ,however,not be perfunctory and transient, but carried out with prudence everyday.Anyway,2014 is around the corner and we are on this road again.

I don’t think I have to wait for a new year to opt for being better though. We have to realise that one’s positive change is valid at any time of the year.One should promptly act to any irregularity or abhorrent lifestyle detected in themselves.If new year’s resolutions  are the only treatment we give to ourselves in the hope to be better people,it will mean we overlook any other shortfalls in our lives because we will not give attention to these other aspects of change.This also means  that our change will only be seasonal which is unhealthy.My point is make necessary amendments as often as possible.

On the other hand,resolutions on their own are a positive step moving into a new year.The fact is the change into a new year is actually not felt physically,it is only the dates that change,otherwise you are still the same person you were the previous year.Resolutions are the easiest rules you can ever break maybe because you are the only person to enforce them on yourself.This is why self-discipline is a very substantial catalyst in this reaction or you may end up breaking one or two of your rules on the very first day of that particular year.

I wish to give you 5 tips to make sure your resolutions are a success

  1. Come to a consensus with yourself that you really need the change
  2. Remind yourself of the awkwardness your current status causes you
  3. Let someone close know about your plan so they remind you when you are off track
  4. Be ready to fight all the impeding factors like temptation and criticism
  5. Last but not the least, pray and meditate about your resolutions

Personally, I come up with resolutions every week which I honestly constantly struggle to cope up with on this journey in search of perfection. My message to anyone not enchanted by their present lifestyle is not to wait till next year, but work on themselves immediately. When you find a cause for war, you do not slacken, but go for it lest your rival pounces on you first to your disadvantage .Note that the change in mention is merely developing into a better person.However,change because it is necessary and not for a person because it should be about complacency-your happiness is key .

I pray you all go into the next year believing you will be a better people because you are working on yourselves at the moment. Wishing you all a wonderful festive season and a prosperous coming new year.God bless you all and stay safe.

Nelson Mandela-A global afflatus lost

My favorite quote
My favorite mandela quote

We are all born in a similar way,but what tends to distinguish us eventually is the impact we have on others.Nelson Mandela’s impact on the world was and still is immaculate as well as sempiternal.It is therefore with no surprise that after the announcement of his demise,the global family remains in a state of hypochondria and melancholy.

In a world once infiltrated with apartheid was an opposition that fought it.Today ,South Africa enjoys the perks of the sacrifice of a man selfless enough to live for others,while the world remains in awe.In the words of Goodluck Jonathan,a man of an indefatigable spirit.

No one is perfect,but Mandela has so much to learn from because a lot was in him that we lack.This century is privileged enough to witness a trait with a name greater  than forgiveness.Imprisoned for 27 years for a righteous cause and never to seek revenge while having the opportunity is merely indescribable.As he said, “courageous people do not fear forgiving for the sake of peace”.Nelson Mandela is a hat trick scored by a divine power.

World leaders of today should take a leaf out of Madiba’s book.Leadership is not a road to trample on people,but an escalator to lift them up from every level of discomfort.Nelson Mandela served his people and his legacy lives on forever as this has consequently influenced the whole world.Here is a challenge to our presidents as complacency should be because they achieved a goal-satisfying their flock.Their imagination of what the world says after their orbituary should now be active for they should strive to emulate Nelson’s legacy.

It is evident that Madiba is really celebrated when social networks like twitter went ‘boisterous ’ as people sent their messages and thoughts of him and he obviously trended.I think it would take  every individual in this world to write their portion on Mandela to create a complete appraisal and praise that he fully deserves.I want to conclude this on one note that really inspires me in life-a quote by Mandela. “There is no passion to be found in playing small-settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living”

Thank you and rest in peace Tata Nelson Mandela

Give it to the women

women deserve a chance
women deserve a chance

It is almost astounding to come to the realisation of the existence of male chauvinists in this day.However,with the proverbial being this is a free world,the situation is not transcendental as everyone is entitled to an opinion of their own.I find looking down on women unorthodox as I believe they are as good as male beings.
The best input into women is inspiration and motivation as their response to this stimulus is so overwhelming.For example,when Pompi released the song,make up,the trend in most young Zambian women has been the quest to live up to the typical Proverbs:31 lady which is really astonishing.This shows how focussed women can be in a positive way.
Women have proven to be influential in so many fields,from politics to entertainment.Margaret Thatcher undoubtedly should be every female politician’s inspiration as she is such a landmark in political history.Mother Teresa is an afflatus not only to the women folk,but to the world as a whole.In the entertainment industry,Oprah Winfrey has proven to women that they too can be philanthropists and a light to others.
It is imperative for every woman to be independent in every necessary aspect of life.I find it unethical for a woman to date or marry a man sorely for financial support.Until they realise this,women will see the degeneration of their mistreatment by some men as they give those men a sense of ownership.Today,women should realise that education is meant for them too.“Beauty does not last,but you may be rich forever”.
What inspired me to write this post was my mother who has been exquisite and exemplary throughout my life from morals to education.I wish to congratulate her on attaining yet another degree-masters.she could be a great inspiration to so many young ladies out there.The truth is women deserve our gratitude and our respect as men and it all begins with them setting their standards high and not reducing themselves to video vixens and any other activity of dignity loss.
I desire is to see a world that does not prejudice women because I know they are capable of attaining every possible greater heights.Give women a chance,they could just build Rome in a day.