Nelson Mandela-A global afflatus lost

My favorite quote

My favorite mandela quote

We are all born in a similar way,but what tends to distinguish us eventually is the impact we have on others.Nelson Mandela’s impact on the world was and still is immaculate as well as sempiternal.It is therefore with no surprise that after the announcement of his demise,the global family remains in a state of hypochondria and melancholy.

In a world once infiltrated with apartheid was an opposition that fought it.Today ,South Africa enjoys the perks of the sacrifice of a man selfless enough to live for others,while the world remains in awe.In the words of Goodluck Jonathan,a man of an indefatigable spirit.

No one is perfect,but Mandela has so much to learn from because a lot was in him that we lack.This century is privileged enough to witness a trait with a name greater  than forgiveness.Imprisoned for 27 years for a righteous cause and never to seek revenge while having the opportunity is merely indescribable.As he said, “courageous people do not fear forgiving for the sake of peace”.Nelson Mandela is a hat trick scored by a divine power.

World leaders of today should take a leaf out of Madiba’s book.Leadership is not a road to trample on people,but an escalator to lift them up from every level of discomfort.Nelson Mandela served his people and his legacy lives on forever as this has consequently influenced the whole world.Here is a challenge to our presidents as complacency should be because they achieved a goal-satisfying their flock.Their imagination of what the world says after their orbituary should now be active for they should strive to emulate Nelson’s legacy.

It is evident that Madiba is really celebrated when social networks like twitter went ‘boisterous ’ as people sent their messages and thoughts of him and he obviously trended.I think it would take  every individual in this world to write their portion on Mandela to create a complete appraisal and praise that he fully deserves.I want to conclude this on one note that really inspires me in life-a quote by Mandela. “There is no passion to be found in playing small-settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living”

Thank you and rest in peace Tata Nelson Mandela


3 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela-A global afflatus lost

  1. Good thing you decided to write about Madiba because we have lost a great leader who gives us reasons to be better people even though we are not perfect by virtue of being human. The world will always remember him for everything good he has done.

  2. I love this. had it been a speech at the memorial, it would be second to Obamas. do keep writing! you have a writing style thats praiseworthy. I never drift off when reading your blogs despite the length. I am attentive to the last word :). keep it up

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