It doesn’t have to take a prodigy really to note that there lies a thin line between love and a relationship,but it is ironic how so many remain in a befuddled state in relation to the two.There are so many people in a relationship, but not in love. Yes, I guess you see the picture now.

Much as each of these two terms come in unique definitions (for an individual to be satisfied), they have to coexist. I mean why love someone you are not dating and whom you know will never reciprocate the feeling or why be in a relationship with someone you do not love and vice versa? My point is a relationship deprived of love is like washing a pig-there is absolutely no point.Some say love comes softly in a relationship, but I beg to differ because this is not always the case as the maturity of love depends on so many factors, for example the maturity of the two involved.

Usually, a relationship sparkles and flourishes initially. It really is an esplanade. It’s 10 calls plus a hundred sweet texts daily and a constant reminder of “I love you”. A huge commitment to a mutual cause in two people is reflected then. Maybe this a consequence of the ecstasy or excitement in experiencing something wonderfully new, but all we have noticed and possibly experienced is that the initial stages of a relationship or anything generally, brings out the best in people. I like to think though that the very best in people resurfaces when a relationship turns sour and they still strive to keep it working.

The decline in commitment in most relationships during their course can be accredited to the statements “too much of anything is bad/boring” and “variety is the spice of life”. The reason these two prove to be true in some relationships is due to lack of a vision of a lifetime commitment to that particular relationship. What is to be realized is that someday your interest in a person that extremely drives you crazy, has you blushing, resurrects butterflies in your stomach and all will actually wane. This serves as a premonition and prepares you for that day. It helps you make a decision you are sure of because you will know that a relationship’s stability actually fluctuates.

The greatest impedance to a robust relationship is cheating. It is the worst exhibition of one’s disrespect for their lover. I believe there is no reason to cheat for communication is a vital tool to express your discomfort. Temptation is one root of cheating. There are few men who can resist a buxom pursing them. Women on the other hand are pursued by men more successful and better looking than their man which is a huge temptation for them, but a rational woman really in love proves to overcome such a temptation mostly. Friends, a relationship is and should always be between two people, the third person is a devil as they come to destroy what you have built and suffered for. Say no to that intruder always.

If we can ignore temptations, implement a healthy communication channel and develop a strong will to fight for our relationships, we could have reduced enough break ups, divorces and obviously millions of heartbreaks worldwide. The greatest drive of a relationship is love and God is love.So pray for the stability of your relationship and your partner. You will be best guided that way as God is the greatest guru.Keep in mind that a relationship is a two way thing,both people have to put in as much to yield favorable results.

This is a very vast and controversial topic and so if you disagree with me in one way, I totally understand, but first are you fighting for your love and relationship?



  1. once again a round of applause is deserved. its funny how you blog about stuff Im usually pondering on. you have brought out some good points. God is the key for any rship, it wont always be roses, even roses have thornes. God helps you through those rough patches. being someone who doesnt get in and out of rships, I highly agree, its in sync with a lot of my reasoning.

    • Thank you preety much again 🙂 .Maybe I hacked into your brain without both of us realising it,but it’s. always a pleasure to have someone think the same as you.Your statement on God and roses,very true. I await ur first blog post I’m sure it will be amazing. 🙂

      • haha I think you may have! I will post soon, but hmm I dont know if it can compare to yours. I only started writing a lot this year because I realised I have too many thoughts to express n needed to get them out. mind congestion lool

  2. Well you will just have to write without comparing with anyone and it will be the best you will ever do it. 🙂 mind congestion I like so I guess we have enough to await from that loaded brain of yours =) lol 🙂

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