THE LOVE BIRDS (part one)

I was dressed, ready to leave. I checked the new notification on my phone; the time said 06:00am.I couldn’t comprehend I was this early for school (not that I hate it), but I quickly realised that the excitement of going to a new school had swallowed me in full. There was no denying that I had this burning desire to see what that term had for me, curiosity had gotten the better of me .My imaginations were filled with what the school looked like, what type of students went there and if at all I could finally find a school full of fun.

Thirty minutes later, I was in my new school. Some of my imaginations were slightly satisfied except the ‘new boy’ look I got from the students from the pick-up point all the way to the office. I mean I enjoy attention and all, but their eyes were piercing.

The receptionist was a cheerful young lady who seemed to be around 25.She had blonde hair and blue eyes. When she folded her mouth into a smile, there was no reason to act cold.

“Drew right?” She regards me.

I slowly nod in approval.

“Well I was expecting you; I hope you will be as early on every other day”. She smiles

“No worries”. I say with a smile to match hers.

“Come on now Drew, I will have to show you to your new class. Oops forgive my manners, Drew I’m Miss Smith by the way”

I’m half listening to Miss Smith because my eyes are fixed elsewhere when we walk. I am looking at this girl across the hall way. She has a well-shaped face. I notice how her hair falls neatly on her shoulders. This glimpse seems like a gaze because it lasts enough to notice all these attractive features. When she turns to notice me, it’s like she detected a pair of eyes scanning her. Her eyes are like crystals. As she smiles at me, I feel this connection I cannot fathom, but at the moment everything can be drawn to her striking beauty. My eyes smile back at her.

I am so absent minded in this class, but everyone seems friendly and I don’t like it at all .It all seems like sympathy and I detest such. My mind is still tied to the spot where I saw her. The thought of her brings robust anticipation and exhilaration. Nobody can obliterate this thought of her, not even the stern face of my new economics teacher.

“I have to know her”. I tell my self

During the first break, I apply the policy of splendid isolation on my new classmates with the aim to find her. I have really evolved. I imagine how just a few years ago I was this coy guy who couldn’t look girls in their eyes, especially pretty ones and here I am hunting for a pretty one. I smile to myself at this thought.

“There you are”. I say with a smile as I see her.

“Excuse me, what do you mean?” she says with an indifferent look.

“Well, couldn’t help, but notice you this morning .Thought it wise to say hello” .I shrug

“In that case, I don’t think you are wise “. She says curtly.

“Well being rude doesn’t make you any unattractive, try again”. I say with a smile

“Only that little boogie in your nose does” .I say with a serious face this time

She seems insecure as she tries to poke her nose with the tip of her finger covered with tissue. She then stops when she notices I tricked her because I am laughing at her.

“I see you have jokes, what’s your name”

“I’m Drew, what’s yours?”


“It’s a pleasure meeting you Vanessa. You know it would never hurt to have your line this morning”

I save her line in my phone, pleased she couldn’t front over me having it.

“I will call you when I can yeah, but in the meantime, stay pretty”. I chuckle.

new love beams with excitement

new love beams with excitement



7 thoughts on “THE LOVE BIRDS (part one)

  1. I felt like I was reading a book I borrowed from the library written by one of those powerful authors. I enjoyed reading this.

  2. I was already beginning to like the characters…. hahaha, cant wait to read more. The first few paragraphs reminded me of my first day at Simba only a year ago….

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