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Destructive Vices in university

Booze is such a distruction in uni

Booze is such a distruction in uni

Hey everyone,I hope easter has been enjoyable. With regard to this month’s #IamAZedBlogger Challenge, I teamed up with another blogger, Gloria and with mine and her pretty brains we came up with this post, I hope you enjoy 🙂 .

Because I am a university student, I see a lot of things. I am sure you know what I am talking about. My friend Uche and I had been chatting about how young people tend to lose themselves when they go to university, especially when you move away from home. Whether we are within the country or outside, I don’t understand why but, we just tend to go with the flow. You know the new found freedom: partying, boys/girls, alcohol and all that.

Yes, according to social psychology it is a normal part of the development of a human being. It however becomes a problem when you fail to recognise who you are, and instead begin to identify yourself with a particular crowd which includes that crowd’s traits, behaviour and habits. The thing is when we go to a new place we want to redefine who we are. And well that is a good thing, but sometimes we want to be known as “cool” and “the party starters”. That’s fine as well, but my question is which kind of cool are you and what type of party do you start? Which crowd are you identified with?
Those questions Gloria has raised above are worth thinking about. You know losing your identity is the greatest poverty you can ever experience. Because all the guys in campus party recklessly, drink irresponsibly, do drugs or sleep around doesn’t mean I have to forget that I am the opposite of them- if at all I am. However, if I lose my identity and join the crowd, I deprive myself of a wise choice because the consequences I may face will be fatal and that crowd will not be there to pick me up from my pit of distress. Living a life to impress others is not the best way you can show them you are cool. There is so many cool and safe ways to be cool just discover which.

Maybe university just brings out who you really are because if you know what is good for you, you will not dare indulge into vices that will possibly ruin your life. Some people are like the role model during high school and make you look bad because they are the decent and high achieving kids , but when they go to college or university, they are the drunkard of the year. Many of them have ended up being excluded in the very first year because they become failures. I just don’t understand why it is easy to copy ill manners from someone than good morals.

Freshmen or freshers need to know what exactly they are in for when they join a university so as to eliminate the possibilities of them making unwise decisions. I know university poses plenty temptations to a student because the freedom is to an extent unlimited. Sex becomes more available than ever, you can miss classes all you like;basically, nobody is there to seriously warn you of a wrong path you may be taking because you are an adult as far as everyone are concerned. This and many more becomes too much for someone and much more for one who is meeting this for the first time.
Self-control shouldn’t wane in a place like this. Girls need to focus real hard because they are a major target of sugar daddies and many guys who just want to date a college/university girl. You may leave university with a pregnancy instead of a degree or diploma. It’s just the same warning to us guys only that we may father a child at a very wrong time. Worse still, Hiv still has no cure. Be patient, there is time for everything. There will still be alcohol, clubs, girls/boys, and a lot of improved fun even after graduating.

So when you go into university, enter to succeed and never to forget that. Study hard, parties will ever be around.
This is the message we had for you folks. Bless.

Just keep calm and graduate

Just keep calm and graduate

The fall of the decent in university is not transcendental.

The fall of the decent in university is not transcendental.

My Saviour

Jesus Christ is my Saviour

Jesus Christ is my Saviour

My Huge admiration for the child born king
Crowned with Love never ever seen

The best castle was at His time the manger
For death in it was a stranger

He was invisible to the unwise
For only three men got the prize

Oh hail to the King greater than Herod For him that slaughter in Bethlehem couldn’t hold

A true Christian tempted of evil
But with His knowledge wide He was smarter than the devil

The world was good at mathematics But Jesus multiplied food

In the pit I reeked of sin. Gross!
But Jesus saved me when he died on the cross

No sir, I don’t anymore need your tequila
Because I am always high from the mercies of the great healer

You can have your party. Sweet sixteen
But never forget John 3:16

The Love of God is the best thing that an ever happen to you.

The Love of God is the best thing that an ever happen to you.


Is loyalty a question of sex?

Is loyalty a question of sex?

I reckon the Chris Brown song is already playing in your mind. Yeah we are living in a world where we the youths are influenced by the music we listen to, what we watch on TV and what we see on the internet. Only yesterday was the “YOLO era”, next everyone was saying “Ya gon learn today”, “alright alright alright” and today, “These girls ain’t loyal”? Wow (chuckles). I can only imagine what the next terminology will be.

Anyway it is unfortunate to note that money or wealth is bait for some girls. I still do not recall when someone ceased to be priceless. Oh wait! My mind might have been in a subliminal state because everyone knows sex is a commodity. Four women will date a particular guy for the money at the same time and find a way to be cool with it. We all have heard of women that left their husband and children for a rich dude. These women ain’t loyal yeah?

My mate narrated a story to me of how his cousin was so much in love with his girl-enough to pay for her university tuition because she wasn’t able to afford. She must have forgotten or was cold enough to forget her boyfriend’s sacrifices and efforts for her because she started cheating on him when he sent her to university and eventually dumped him. Yikes! I dread being this guy as I can’t imagine handling such pain besides that he was at the verge of going insane. Wow these girls are so bad hey? (Laughs)

However, I feel it takes so much courage to be able to judge all the girls as disloyal besides terming them h**s. I feel it is so ridiculous. I do not see why one’s single experience with a cold woman should make him judge all women as devils. It’s as good as saying “all men are dogs”. I do not want to believe all girls are disloyal. Pragmatically, it is proven that women are more affectionate than men and really love hard when you give them a reason to. While you call all men dogs, one may ask you what breed your father may be and while you call every woman disloyal, your mother’s loyalty to your father could be questioned. If you dated someone that did a number on you, find time to move on however hard it will be and not time to judge that person’s entire clan, clique, nationality or sex.

The world is vast and you are likely to meet different people with different persona and dispositions. Hard luck when you met an indifferent person, but it doesn’t mean you become a perfunctory philosopher; judging all women as snakes or all men as players or dogs. Seriously if all women or all men are dogs, how are many relationships surviving? The problem is you love rushing and want to jump on every available bus because you are desperate to leave the bench. You forget Deuteronomy 4:4. “But yeah that did cleave to unto the LORD your God are alive every one of you this day”.Do you not realise that those heartbreaks and mistreatment you experience with that wrong person are gradual killers? Why do you not exercise patience and remember Isaiah 40:31?

Being disloyal is not dependent on the sex of someone. It is just another stereotype of the world today of attaching certain behaviour to a particular sex. What about men that leave their wives and spend their money on some other woman at the expense of their family? Is that also not being disloyal? Some people are loyal and others are not. If you come to think of it, even some of the disloyal people might have a genuine reason of being that way and once nurtured would be able to see the light.

As I conclude, I just want to share with you a tweet I saw this week that said “Cheating= Calling, texting, hugging, winking, seeing, kissing, having sex and flirting with someone else while you are in a relationship” Analyse this tweet and check how loyal you are.

Live for hope, not everyone is disloyal.