Your thoughts govern your life - Aquila Ng'onga

Your thoughts govern your life – Aquila Ng’onga

Hello mate, pull out a chair, sit back and relax and…. I think you expected ENJOY as the next word, but that’s alright. Since this is 2014, btw the only dude that kissed the S5 (yeah that is a big deal for him), I need not ask for your keys (keys? Pshhh), or your password (well you know, password’s much better), but!!! , Your fingerprint- to unlock your mind.

Thank you, how cooperative of you. I also want you to know that I refuse to judge you as gullible, but instead I choose to respect this trust you have exhibited. One last thing, don’t freak out, don’t freak out. Now close your eyes and yes I hope you enjoy my ride in your mind as I hope the same for myself.

3 minutes later

Good news, thanks to your fingerprint I was promptly cleared by immigration. Bad news, as big as your mind is, there are only two streets: Positivity and negativity streets. And you guessed right, I was only allowed to start from Negativity Street thanks to your soldiers
“Negativity Street or we throw you out Akil”

“My name’s Aquila”

“Akil, Aquila, whatever, Negativity street it is.”

Wow, mean people there. They all sound like Terry Crews.

So far, it has not been easy to navigate through your mind. I can hardly move 2 inches without a police road block. Wait, here comes the fifth officer; I have to meet in less than 10 inches of my journey. His name is officer Melancholy. He is such a devastated individual. With a soft voice he asks me to pull over. He is so pathetic but don’t be fooled as he is also powerful. He grows bigger by the second and I doubt he will disappear soon enough for me to leave. After something that seems like 5 hours though it’s only been 30 minutes, this dude disappears and I speed off before he resurfaces. I am told he appears a lot often.

Negativity Street is not your average street. It’s like a street in India filled with hundreds of people- you just can’t move through at your own speed or maybe it’s like a third world country road wounded with potholes that won’t allow you to make it to your destination at your time of convenience. Now that you get the picture, brace yourself I am about to meet officer doubt.

Officer doubt I’m told appears at this point at least once a day. I learn that she set herself a record of longest appearance at the time you applied for your accountancy Job (Coincidental? I think not.) She also has the nature of growing so big suddenly. I am fortunate because she lets me go past in good time.

It’s worth noting that there exists besties in your mind. Guess who they are? No, it’s actually despair aka incredulity, aka disbelief and officer doubt. The way they coexist is simply amazing. If you get a quick pass from doubt, be sure to get the same from despair. They kind of appear and disappear at the same time. They are like conjoined twins joined to the same heart.

Well mate, I can tell you it’s been no crystal stair confronting all these officers, but having met worry, I believe things can get worse in Negativity Street. Maybe next time I will fill you in on the confrontations I had with pain, depression, pessimism…. OMG I feel so weary, I need to rest.

Positivity Street

I am now strong enough to continue the rest of the tour. You will be pleased that the best part of your mind is so welcoming and comforting. I can’t see any cops over here. It is a free world. The first individual I met here is was a dude playing happy by Pharrell Williams in his car. It’s funny because his name is actually happiness, aka joy, aka bliss, aka elation, aka… Dude relax. He has so many akas, but all we should know is he is happy.

Unfortunately happiness appears and disappears in such short intervals. Since he is much sweeter than guys like despair and melancholy, I wonder why he doesn’t occur more often like them. I am already enjoying the small talk me and him are having. I hear despair, pain, worry, sorrow among others can’t mind their business, but usually threaten happiness to disappear.

After happiness is taken away from the scene, Hope quickly comes over to console me who takes me to Faith mall where we get some lunch. At Faith mall, hope grows so big I feel elation instantly. Hope and faith expands most at your prayers.

In comes a really beautiful girl in the café. Hope introduces me to her as serenity. She smiles so nice. She looks so immaculate. You see, I could forfeit the rest of the tour just to keep looking in her face. She also has a twin sister named Peace aka tranquillity. These two sisters are the calmest beings I have ever met in your mind. They talk so gracefully.

Faith mall is like the pillar of Positivity Street and everyone here looks dependant on him. I am so pleased to have met optimism
Your Positivity Street is so short compared to your negativity one. Faith and optimism said it is up to you to make it longer, but mostly you choose to expand Negativity Street.

I wish I could continue, but all good things do meet an end. I enjoyed touring your mind; I hope you enjoyed having me in there too. You can now have your eyes open.

These cops in your mind made my navigation impossible.

These cops in your mind made my navigation impossible.

Free your mind today

Free your mind today

Always aim to expand your positivity street.

Always aim to expand your positivity street.

It's all up to you to choose.You either expand positivity or negativity

It’s all up to you to choose.You either expand positivity or negativity



Being a tweep for over four years, I think Zambian people have come to realise the beauty of twitter because for the first time in Zambian twitter history, people and I mean many people are finally enjoying the use of hashtags to talk about topics relating to the country (Insaka excluded) while having fan and coming up with solutions. Last time, the other topic that trended heavily in Zambia was #Bandunka. Unfortunately, it took me a while to know what dunka was and consequently, I couldn’t contribute much to the topic. So last night, I went to twitter (like every other night) this time to compile some interesting things you guys had to say about how to keep a Zambian man. Have no worries, you will go anonymous on my blog but if you see what you wrote, just say ‘I’ in your heart :). Here are some of the tweets worth noting.


  • • Commit him to the Lord in prayer
    • Don’t cook your skin, cook his food
    • Be the president’s daughter
    • Let him chill with the guys
    • Tell him you are leaving him
    • Don’t mention your spiritual husband ever
    • Don’t entertain every guy who likes you! You are taken act like it! They like their territory untouched
    • Tell him he looks like Chris Brown
    • Don’t be in the club every weekend
    • Never be known by every door bouncer at every club in LSK
    • Never ask him to watch Telemundo with you. Never!
    • Cook and dance *you know where* better than him
    • Let him have female best friends
    • Learn how to rock mukule so that he doesn’t worry about weaves
    • Respect his fifa time
    • Don’t just rely on missionary, learn new moves and positions. Memorise Kamasutra if need be
    • Be supportive and encouraging him even when times are hard
    • Make more money than him
    • Be a supporter, a woman that will raise a home and children. Not a chakolwa every weekend uli pa east point/Nipa club.
    • Don’t ask him where he was when he leaves on a Friday and comes back on a Sunday.
    • Don’t call him to ask what time he’s coming home when he is out with friends
    • Give him sex three to four times a day
    • Your friends shouldn’t have his number, do not tell them all the nice things he does. Zambian chicks are fast
    • Don’t be a Nipa girl
    • Know the difference between face painting and applying make up
    • Don’t say that style makes you feel like vomiting. Just give it to him.
    • Always remember you are Zambian, not Brazilian
    • Keep your eye brows
    • Give him space. Everyone needs it. You are not an appendage!
    • Have a plan for life
    • Accept that he will look at other girls. Being with you hasn’t made him blind
    • Don’t be a ZONE FAM GROUPIE
    • When he invites you for a drink, don’t come with Malita ,Shaquinta, Mutale ,Mulenga Martha, etc. unless he asked you to
    • Don’t ask him to stop drinking #alcohol
    • Don’t look like the joker after make up
    • You support his team. No questions, don’t argue. He will buy you a jersey and you will wear it with honour.
    • Don’t tell him to do house chores they are meant for him. #nogender
    • Be Esther or Catherine Phiri
    • Go Solange Knowles on him once a month

    From this you can tell how much fun people had. This is not an ultimate blueprint because as you can see, some tweeps chose to be hilarious. How you keep your man is up to you. You may take all the sensible advice from here, practice it and still be left. Only God can help you keep your man. A man should not leave you because you can’t do for him that which is awkward for you, he should be lucid or understanding. If you do not like something, you will voice out.
    To view more of these tweets, search for the hashtag, #HowToKeepAZambianMan on twitter and don’t forget to follow me on twitter @aqui_cuteboi_ Have a great weekend!!!!! 😉





I realise it has been two weeks and a half since I first talked to Vanessa. You’re probably thinking I am a douche right? Well, I have to let you know that settling into this school has been pretty easy, but the academics have preferred a different route. Within a few weeks my enthusiasm has been drained because I am always busy.

I haven’t called Vanessa also because I am now friends with Gwen. Doesn’t make sense right? Well happened that Gwen is my classmate and boy did we click in the very first week. I am sensing she will be my best friend in the next two weeks. Gwen is pretty, intelligent and fun, but irritates me at times when she wants to flirt with me, I simply see a sister in her.

Oh yeah! Gwen is not only a good friend, but she’s also a saviour. She and her friends gave me the heads up that Vanessa is not actually angelic as she appears. Apparently she has a boyfriend at every ISAAZ school. Well, this is unbelievable right? Yeah I had thought Gwen was just being jealous until after last week’s fixture. I had seen Vanessa with two different dudes at different times and I assure you, her hanging out with them was not in the least innocent. I am sure you now get the picture why I don’t want anything to do with her at the moment.

I will admit though that despite all this, the connection I felt the first day I saw her doesn’t want to kick the bucket, but with my pride, I will simply pretend I am indifferent to her.
Oh wait!! Here comes Vanessa and some dude. I am so jealous just seeing them walk together. I fake a smile when they get close enough.

“Hey Drew, I want you to meet my friend, Rick” she says with a smile

“Who cares?” I say in my mind

This dude, Rick extends his hand and I just look at it.

“Oh my God, Drew that is so rude” She says with such a commanding voice.

She is so beautiful even when she looks stern. I am so into her.

“I am sorry, rough morning. How is it bro?” I say to Rick

Rick nods

“So rick is looking for guys interested in joining the school basketball team, and I thought you may be interested” She says with a bright face.

“No, I am not interested, you girl with hundred boyfriends” I scream at her in my mind.

“Yes sure, that would be great” I say.

Who can deny such a girl a favour anyway? You would have to be Judas to betray her.

“See you tomorrow at 10, bro” says Rick as he walks away.

“I am guessing I gave my number to the wrong dude” she says with a tone full of resentment.

“And I am guessing I got a number from the wrong girl” I say, shocked and vexed while I walk away.

5 pings from Gwen let me know she is waiting for me to show up to class, but my mood is already compromised after that small confrontation with Vanessa. I step into class as Gwen showers me with hugs.

“Hey Drew, tell these guys what a great time we had together over the weekend” Gwen says pointing at her friends. She is so hyper as usual.

“Everybody, it was a great weekend” I say reluctantly.

I just feel like slapping Gwen in the face so she can shut up and especially because she is irritating me. Fortunate for her, I have been working on my temper and so all is well.

I just want to be left alone during lunch break and I am relieved Gwen understands this too. I am enjoying my peace in the common room when this dude comes up telling me Vanessa wants to see me. I tell him I don’t want to see her.

The next minute I look up, she is in my vicinity.I will tell you every time I see her, I simply lose my senses. I am just glad my heart isn’t beating uncontrollably like every other time I see her .Her hair falls behind her head in a ponytail making her face more visible. Her eyes shine while she stares at me. She’s such a beauty and wait, she also wants to see me.

“Get up sir, we need to talk”

She has such a sweet convincing voice. Maybe Adam ate the apple because Eve had a similar voice.

“What?” I say,Holding my left ear pretending not to have heard.

“You heard me right”

There is no denying when it comes to her. So we go for a walk.

“So I hear you are now dating Gwen?”

“Are you kidding me? I…”

“Listen Drew, I just want to let you know that don’t ever try to fool me again. I dislike people that take me for granted. I am not any other girl you meet and pretend to like, okay” She says without emotion.

“Well Gwen told me you have a boyfriend at multiple schools and last week, I saw you with two different boys. How will you defend yourself miss one of a kind?” I say with a smile.

“Well firstly, Drew, I don’t need to defend myself, secondly you need to know that judging people by what you have heard about them from others is so immature and ridiculous and thirdly those boys you saw are my very close cousins we do get childish at times”

With that, she storms off and I am left speechless. I feel so upset with how Gwen played a number on me. I can see her and her friends coming in my direction after they see me and Vanessa part.

“What were you doing with that h*e, Drew”, Gwen says with a disgusted look.

I feel so much resentment at this.

“Shut the hell up Gwen. I trusted you as a friend and little did I know that you are the person that stood in the way to my happiness. You know, you and this bunch of little friends disgust me right now and I don’t ever want any of you close to me. Bye Felicia”

I have never been this furious.


A Look at TY-BEATS



Ty-beats is a young gifted and talented upcoming Zambian R&B artist from Lusaka. An IMIS student with a goal of achieving his dream of becoming one of the best R&B Artist in the land. His inspirational words are ”Everyone is talented, make use of your talent” his favorite quote is “Ambition often puts men upon doing the meanest offices, so climbing is performed in the same posture with creeping”. Known by his stage name ” Ty-Beats” He started singing at the age of ten (10). He once sang in church with a song composed by him and his friends. At the age of 14 he took to the stage at school at competition that was open for all students and managed to take the third place. With his hit song ”She Ain’t Easy” he has received a good number of downloads and the digits keep rising. Ty- Beats Aim is to continue to work hard for what he desires. Check out his music at http://www.reverbnation.com/tybeats1