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Hello bloggers and readers. It is my great pleasure to announce that this blog (aquilaspeaks) has had its first massive recognition. It has been nominated for Best Blog Overall and Best New blog.
Therefore the excitement aroused in me is overwhelming, but most of all, winning any of the awards will mean a lot to me. Fellow writers can agree with me that blogging is an arduous task that requires sacrifice and commitment.
I hereby request anyone reading this to please vote for me in the two categories of nomination. Click below for the Voting form link.
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Thanks again 🙂

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The innocence of one at their birth is definite, but gradually begins to fade as the years go by. Guardians start introducing measures in the name of protection. You can’t go into the streets on your own because there are monsters out there. You start hearing of little children abducted, raped, killed and of serial killers. You develop fear. Growing older, you want something to believe in. Something to take away your fear, something to always assure you that as cold as the world may be, all will be well. Obviously, you discover religion and all your expectations of it are positive. Initially you believe those monsters of old never find their way into religion, until the news says Pastor Rapes, Bishop molests, you are shocked. You realise that if the world was a balance sheet, it would never balance.


So what is wrong with the world today? No! I think the right question is “what is wrong with the church today”?  Paul once said that fornication and all uncleanness should never be mentioned among the saints. Ephesians {5:3}. Yes with God no sin is inferior to the other, but frankly in our eyes, rape is worse than fornication. Why should sexual harassment (and by church leaders) be mentioned in the church?

Yes to err is human, but a pervert is a pervert. I have never seen a healing procedure where the ‘man of God’ asks a woman to bring funny paraphernalia like milk, chicken, water from a river or oil to the bush where they remain isolated and plans to have her ‘healed’. I have never read a passage in the BIBLE that had the Lord Jesus Christ or any of the prophets lead a woman to a remote area to have them healed or delivered. I mean it is okay if you pray for her in your church office or in a room in your house, but not taking them to a place without people.

First of all you know it will be tempting for you to go with her to a faraway place where there are no people so why take her there in the first place?  There is very few who can act like Joseph. That’s a test for a pervert right there. That’s your musing expressed. You know already what you want to do to the woman. A real minister of God will not act in that manner. I just think such men are evil in their minds and outwardly appear godly and feign righteousness; they are Rapists in clergymen’s skin.

How are you going to bring in converts if such is your testimony? What god do you represent? If you know that women are your weakness or you basically have a corrupt mind, why not step down as a leader and seek rehabilitation? Why disgrace your name, your church and your family? You see things done in secret have a way to find themselves in public and that is no secret. As you enjoy undressing and touching that woman, know that God’s eyes are open and even the same woman’s eyes are. It will come in the open and then you will be judged by everyone, the law of the Land and not forgetting the almighty God. People exhibit no fear for God at all. It is alarming.

This isn’t just about church leaders, but any man or woman who takes advantage of others to abuse them sexually should come to their senses before they face God’s wrath. This goes to guardians of vulnerable children, employees and anyone who thinks their position has ‘benefits’ of mistreating others.

Now let’s talk about the victims of these ‘clergy men’s’ acts. Woman do you realise you have a “NO” word in your mouth? Oh yes you do, but why are you going to be foolish and desperate as to put your trust in a foolish man? Why do you have to be led like a tail into a bush were the person you think you trust so much could even murder you? Why put yourself in jeopardy? Have you not a sense of genuineness?  Maybe it’s true what they say that real recognise real. Wake up. Put your trust in God and not in a dying man. The bible says believers shall lay their hands on the sick and they shall recover (Mark 16:18), not invite them into the bush and undress them. So sisters, Ignorance is no defence, but knowledge is power.

Sometimes you are to blame because you get too desperate when you don’t have to. I have no support for the fools who take advantage of you however, you have to be cautious.


Let’s put our trust in God and not man. Amen.


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YEAH, WELL IT HAPPENED TO ME: “I haven’t stolen any pens”

I believe most of my awkward moments occurred when I was a little boy back in primary school. I think this was partly because of the insecurities I harboured and that I could also think I was unlucky. For example, I hated being a first born child because most of my fellow pupils were last children. I hated that I didn’t have an older brother, I wouldn’t mind an older sister, but an older brother then was your weapon.

It just felt awkward to me that I could have siblings while some of my friends had none. I really wished I was a last child. When I look back, I just laugh because I know it was probably because I was only young and I have realised it isn’t that fun being the last kid, because all your older siblings get to manipulate you. Despite having myriads of responsibilities as a first child, being born a leader is such an honour I must say, So thank you God 🙂 .

These responsibilities, however, begin even when you are least prepared for them. I went to the same primary school as my young brother. His teacher was Mrs Smith (real name withheld). Mrs Smith was in her early fifties and she always gave me the scares. Her face was always ready to fix me in an embarrassing position. I guess I never really liked her.

Whenever my brother did something silly, Mrs Smith would come rushing to my class to inform me. I always felt ashamed because she had to do it whenever I was in the middle of a lesson with my classmates who were always ready to absorb her news.

“Couldn’t this woman just get a life please”, I could cry in my heart.
It always killed me, I felt unlucky. I never got used to this, no matter the multiple times she did it.

Mrs Smith used to teach remedial lessons or maybe they were just private tuitions. I happened to be in her remedial class one afternoon, not for her lessons though. I was just having a chat with some of my friends whom she taught. I realised that she had left a dozed of her pens she could use for marking. Well not only was my brother silly, but I was too on that day because I stole those pens and took off for my mother’s work place.

The problem was that my mother’s office was just next to my school and no sooner had I settled to cast a joyful look at my acquired treasure than two girls sent by Mrs Smith to let me know she sought to see me, knocked on the door. I knew it was about the pens.

As we started heading back to my school with the girls, I did something really stupid. I mean I was so nervous, I wasn’t used to stealing and in fact when I got those pens I told myself to believe that they never belonged to Mrs Smith, that someone had accidentally left them. I also could picture Mrs Smith’s face and what she could say to me, so you could bet I was so uneasy. I began to shake when we drew closer to her class. I just couldn’t take it anymore and suddenly said to the girls, “I haven’t stolen any pens”

What? I had just sold myself out. Those girls simply came to call me back to school and had mentioned nothing about the pens. I having a panic attack just let out my defence at the wrong time. My guilt was just too enormous to bear at that moment.

It was now time to face Mrs Smith who questioned me as to whether I had stolen her pens. Would I lie I hadn’t? These two girls had already witnessed me sell myself out and any form of denial to Mrs Smith’s question in their presence could be repelled. I still believe this is the most awkward moment in my whole life given I was coy and hated confrontations; worse still it had to be with Mrs Smith.

One fine morning I was with some older boys in the school garden. Everyone was having fun telling stories especially me who was the youngest. It felt cool to hang out with them. Something unexpected happened. Little did I know that as we spoke some terrible ants had embarked on a mission to tour my skin. They really were stealth soldiers because it wasn’t until they were all in my clothes that I felt the first sting on my belly, the next on my thigh and so on and so forth until it was my whole body at once. The older boys just asked me to strip to my underwear so they could help stop the ant biting. It wasn’t a fine morning anymore.
No one hates to be seen in there undies more than a primary school kid especially if there are girls around. Maybe this could have been better at the swimming pool, but this was the school garden. Many pupils had to see this. Even if the method worked to prevent the ants from biting, it still came with an extreme level of humiliation. Everyone was having fun laughing at the boy who had to strip because ants had invaded his clothing.

Today, I just look back, laugh, sigh and say “well, it happened to me”.