Zambia Social Media Awards Nomination



Hello bloggers and readers. It is my great pleasure to announce that this blog (aquilaspeaks) has had its first massive recognition. It has been nominated for Best Blog Overall and Best New blog.
Therefore the excitement aroused in me is overwhelming, but most of all, winning any of the awards will mean a lot to me. Fellow writers can agree with me that blogging is an arduous task that requires sacrifice and commitment.
I hereby request anyone reading this to please vote for me in the two categories of nomination. Click below for the Voting form link.
Voting Form

1) Note that you can vote as many times as possible. Remember the more you vote, the more we win these awards.
2) select you will find it in the best blog overall category and the best new blog category. So you are voting twice at once.
3)keep sharing this post and spread the word. Feel free to contact me if you want to be part of #TeamAquila you can tweet me Here to request my pin.
4)always remember number 1
Thanks again 🙂

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