Aquila and 2014

At the end of 2013, I made it clear that I had no resolutions to make and i would like to maintain the same with regards to 2015. Not that I was or am i impeccable, but i just couldn’t keep lying to myself or maybe force change upon myself. I remember breaking a resolution in the very first week of 2011. So I don’t plan for change anymore and it has worked for me. I’m actually proud to say that i grow better each year.

2014,yeah ? There is no way we can all experience a year the same way. I mean for some of you, it was such a prosperous year, to others a weird and confusing one. Some of you thought were not God’s favourite (i thought the same at some point). Others found love, a job, joined a new school, moved to a new country. The gist is 2014 treated us all differently.

The usual events we can never escape; Weddings, deaths, births e.t.c. did occur. I know you are reading this because you are alive, so take a moment to just thank God for bringing you this far. I mean personally, i consider myself to be the worst Christian and that does really compel me to thank God for always putting a sinner such as I on the list of the living each and every day I have lived.

Death? Yes it has deprived us all as Zambians, deprived us of our beloved president. Even as I look at the remaining politicians fighting for power, I know deep down my heart that no other politician touched me as profoundly as Michael Chilufya Sata did. Anyway, Come 2015, let us decide wisely and peacefully as usual.
P.Jay! Really? Just when you could have crossed the bridge? Listening to your songs and realising you are late is really disconcerting”.
May the soul of every loved one we lost this year rest in peace.

Okay now wipe your tears, it’s almost a new year. How about a smile? 🙂

Asking different people what their 2015 plan is, a mutual answer to get is the urge to start over. Do not misunderstand me there is nothing wrong with making resolutions, i just don’t believe in forcing change and besides, I don’t think it works a hundred percent for me. So if you really want to change, remain dedicated to your quest and be true to yourself.

My lifetime resolution however, has been to get closer to God each and every day, trust me it has never been easy. I am proud to say though that I’ve had a much better relationship with God this year than any other, but towards the end, it became compromised because I went through so much. I wanted to give up on God. I was upset that I couldn’t get my prayers answered. God tells us that we should ask and it will be given and I did that in the best way i could, but No was the answer. Everyone else seemed to be running on smooth ground, but me.

Have you ever put in so much and get so little or nothing at all in return? Yes i have been to hell and back in 2014. But then my hell couldn’t be compared to yours. It couldn’t be compared to myriads of people who suffered and died of Ebola, or those children in Pakistan who recently got killed, or maybe the people that one day got on a plane which decided to just ‘land’ in the Indian Ocean never to be found.

The healing is gradual and i understand that everything that happens according to God’s plan is in our best interest. If we realised the magnitude of God’s love for us, gratitude would ever be our anthem. I have also learned that there is a solution to everything so avoid panic attacks.

Ignoring failures and setbacks, so many awesome things have happened this year. We had a massive successful motivational talk back in April. I don’t even mean to brag, but we did organise donations too. I thank Byness and Kanta who really supported me on the major mission and all other colleagues who shared a similar vision during these projects by coming out to support me. One day (by His Grace) i want to be a philanthropist. I am scheduled to have my first radio interview this week .I was elated when the people at the old mosque informed me that my article had helped them get discovered by sponsors who promised to refurbish their building. Wow! I came close to meeting Dr. Kenneth Kaunda on a personal level, but then i screwed up my chance. I have vowed since to grab every chance that comes my way. I have written articles for newspapers. Hell! , my blog was new, but you guys voted it Best in the country, and the best new blog. I feel blessed. I want to do everything i can to move this blogging forward, to improve the reading culture in Zambia. My dream is to one day see Zambians excited about a new blog post like they are about a new song. Reading widely will transform our generation.

I feel humbled when people say “Hey, Aquila, I started a blog because of you”. I hope to inspire more people in 2015. It all comes to you the readers, if you can’t read there is no point in our writing and I thank you so much. Every new people i met both online and in person thanks for being a part of my life. I wish you all a blessed and prosperous new year.

In 2015 the search should be over, i should find her, hopefully. 😉


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