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When Zambia got completely left out at this year’s Channel O Africa Music Video Awards, I knew a similar episode was repeated only this time it left me wondering what we lacked for us not to get an invite to the party. Was it talent? No far be it, we are really a talented bunch. Maybe competitive music videos? Then I saw Amarulah, and Auto Pilot. So what went wrong? Why don’t we slay were the big boys play? Why don’t we dance on the international platform?

Much as the musician is the one who ends up being the star, the real star is the fans. You see, without the fans, there is no Superstar and so if we don’t request for Ninalakwa on Trace or Channel O (for a start) there is no way it will air on our best international platform or be consistent on it. True support from Zambian fans is essential to help musicians make history. I mean we have done it before. We supported Ruff Kaida when he was nominated for a BEFFTA. Ruff made history and no one will take that away from him and most of all from us Zambians because an international award earned represents the motherland.

Ruff won beating D.Banj and Zahara

Ruff won beating D.Banj and Zahara

In part one I mentioned how Zambian Music had evolved. The fans, I believe, need to do the same. Envision the power of TEAM BREZZY, RIHANNA NAVY, BELIEBERS and the BEYHIVE to name a few and ask yourself if we are giving our local musicians enough support. Some are on the navy and these other mentioned teams, but ignore that we have local artists whose team  can do with our support.  Yes we have supported Zone Fam, Ruff and other artists get Awards and nominations, but that shouldn’t be the death of it. Consistency is imperative. We also need to change our mind-set from a negative and pessimistic to a more positive and optimistic one. We are capable of competing at international level. We just have to believe. The Zambian music industry isn’t like our national football team, it gets better and will save you disappointments and heart attacks and that is more reason to support it.

The government should invest in the industry for a change and implement laws to protect artists to enable them to earn revenue. Additionally, support isn’t just voting, it is also includes helping curb piracy and buying an album just to appreciate these people’s efforts. With that said, Maria Nyemba is releasing an EP (April, 10th) so get (BUY) a copy of your own. If these guys can make real money from their music and not just gigs, realistic competition will develop which in turns breeds efficiency and excellence. You know money is such an impetus. So with time, Africa and the rest of the world won’t get enough of Zed music.

A dearth of efficient marketing and management deprives artists of exposure. If you carried out a survey of how many artists actually have managers in the industry, you will note that only less than a quarter of a quarter do. There is a need for companies with professional managing and promotional skills and reliable contacts. How does one do a song and market it on their own? That is arduous. Every player needs to stick to their own role. A leaf should be taken from Zone Fam. Under, Duncan Sodala’s management they have taken a continental route and we are all proud of them.

The promotion I speak of is not sending irritating BCs of links to your song, as DJ Roxy puts it, the download my new song syndrome. It is about setting your music on a platform that will send fans grabbing it. If a video keeps showing on TRACE, psychologically I think (not proven :)) you will eventually like it. A true manager works in your best interest. They help you create a positive image to the public, they carry out research for you, they protect you, and they bring the money to you. How will you make it internationally without a manager? Find someone who can help you, your uncle, your friend, you partner; someone you trust and believe is capable of getting the job done. These are the little, but Macro issues that keep us off the international table. You can’t be your own manager, you are not Chuck Norris.

Roberto Mr- Ama-rulah

Roberto Mr- Ama-rulah

Long after its release last year, Amarulah only got to top charts on YFM in South Africa this month. While I appreciate that this is a breakthrough for the industry (and Roberto, I am proud of you my brother), I think it happened a little late. You see when Cassper Nyovest or Ice Prince drops a single, most Zambian music lovers will have it in a week of its release. That difference is what should be eliminated and without efficient promotion, we shall always take a tortoise step. Amarulah is a Giant; it had and still has the potential to sweep through the continent without even coercing people to get it by flooding them with download links. I think what lacked was efficient promotion to push it further in time. I want to see this video nominated for any relevant award at the next CHOAVMAs at least. I believe Roberto is one of the few Zambians artists capable of giving Zambia a winning image, internationally in 5 years’ time. If you recall, good woman was a jam that created ‘Doubting Thomases’ simply because it was hard for them to believe a Zambian performed it. With J.K, I don’t need to emphasise more, I hope he won’t just stop at Yemi Alade. Talking about more songs that didn’t get enough international recognition, I think Afro Swag by Kachanana ft Joey B was huge.

Also to attain international level, more collaboration is needed. I one day want to see Sarkodie ft Urban Hype, Chef 187 ft Tiwa savage, Slap D ft Aka and M.I. , Mampi ft Wiz Kid. Do you guys share the same utopia as mine? You may laugh at this, but that’s because you are just being negative, Macky 2 ft Rihanna can be a killer song. Our West African and South African brothers have done it, and so can we. If they don’t want to do collabos with us, which I don’t believe, we should make them come to us. No one can stop talent.

I have always thought that investing in music by opening up music schools will be a huge plus for the industry. There is a need to have professional artists who know that there is more to music than standing in the booth. This will deliver us to the international platform as well.

Lastly, unity is key. If Zambian artists can come together and combine ideas, I don’t see why we can’t break barriers. Working with different people is efficient; creativity is at its best then. I have a feeling there are two artists out there who have never collaborated, but when they will fire will be created. When you know it’s about the money and the fame, you better drop your ego. Criticising your fellow artists when you are not doing enough yourself will amount to nothing. The BanDunka movement was unnecessary.

I am inspired by how united Nigerian artists are united and extend the unity to South Africa and Ghana. How Davido acted at the 2014 BET awards was truly mature, he preached unity through action. I wonder how many Zambian artists would do that before they use it to claim they are the best. So guys I implore you to be humble, love each other and you will see how far you will go. I don’t want to watch African music awards without Zambian representation again, it makes me feel we are out dated and irrelevant when i  and you know how blessed we are.

So in 5 years, I believe we can terrorise international Channels, radio stations, charts and blogs, but like Swish said we will still be here if our attitude never changes.




I would like to thank the following for playing a role in one way or the other as I blogged about music

  1. Duncan Sodala (Zone Fam Manager)
  2. Chanda Kangwa (DJ Roxy. Radio phoenix)
  3. Swish (Hip Hop Artist)
  4. Seya FundaFunda (artist)
  5. Vue Smalls (Producer)
  6. Jasmine (upcoming Entreprenuer ,CEO Zee Music)
  7. Everyone reading this, you are the best


  1. It is surprising why most English songs don’t do well within the country. Its mostly due to bad attitude and a good international platform is possible. The other points regarding the issue are just like you put it.

  2. As a patriotic zambian who too would love to see zambian music on an international platform – I enjoy your enthusiasm.
    But your article is so badly written, I struggled to finish it. It’s a bit all over the place and has a lot of grammatical errors.

    Now I understand alot of Zambians jump to “defence mode” when a little bit of criticism is offered.
    However the sole purpose of my comment is not to criticise but to appeal to you to spend alil more time on your pieces/ articles
    – give it to a couple of people to proof read if you must.
    – Read more work done by writers you admire and try and write like them.
    – proof read again
    – Ask yourself whether your work is up to scratch and whether it can measure up to any well known, popular international blog posts

    You have chosen to have a blog which is great!
    its a platform on which anyone in the world could have access to.
    Now as yourself whether a “poorly thought out article” is what you would like to represent zambia in terms of blogs.

    You can do better. I look forward to seeing you grow through your writing.

    I personally feel had you taken an object view on zambian music, you would have done a better job. Zambian music has improved over the years but it still has alot of growing to do. It’s more about the quality of the music than fans supporting it…… [….]

    zambia lacks behind with alot of things because we simply accept second best or rather things with little effort.
    I love zambia and I look forward to the day we are a force to reckon with but it needs to start with you and I.

    • HELLO MK 🙂

      I really appreciate you stopping by. While I do appreciate your ‘great advice’ I would like to say you seem so emotional, negative and hateful. You may call that criticism, but I think you forgot to call it irrational criticism.
      You see, I have written many other posts and articles for newspapers whose editors have admired the grammatical errors you see. I wish I could defend myself, but I don’t feel attacked, but see myself in a position to lecture.

      You have imagined in your great mind that I only spend an hour or whatever little time on an article, but actually, I have to do research, and If you weren’t too emotional, you could have seen, I actually did quote some people who I interviewed. But how could you? You struggled to finish reading the post which I feel compelled to recommend you visit an optician so you won’t be the only one struggling. I am always doing research and everytime i deliver, people are impressed that is why i was Zambian best blogger for 2014.

      I think I do proof reading all the time so much it irritates me, but I have to do it for my people to read the Best. I would like you to come on board as a proof reader 😃. Talking about writing like other people is poor advice, i believe i am ingenious and so sorry i wont take that advice.

      Yes, i havent attained the pinnacles i plan to reach, but one day you will hear about me internationally.

      I have given a broad explanation as to why we are lagging behind internationally and stressed that the industry improves with time, but you have ignored that and then try to repeat one of my points in your own words. You have only noticed the part to do with fans and you think our music is not quality when we actually have music capable of competing internationally, but for poor promotion, it can’t.

      Thanks for your interesting comment and try not to be emotional next time.😁

      • I would have liked to quote some of the things you have said that are grammatically incorrect but I won’t. I understand it may come off alil harsh.

        I knew you would take offence which wasn’t my intention. I didn’t mean to get you all emotional.
        But your response proves the very point I was trying to make.

        my comment was not hateful as I did not attack you personally which you chose to do in your comment.

        And incase you are wondering – I write for a provincial newspaper in south Africa so I know what I am talking about.

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