Can I have your WhatsApp, BBM pin?

*Innocent convo on Facebook, Twitter or in reality between two ‘just mets’ in conclusion*

Him: I guess it has really been nice talking to you.
Her: Same here
Him: So, Can I have your WhatsApp?
Her: uhmmm 😶😶😶😶 (On Facebook or twitter, end of convo)

Switching to Instant messengers has been one of the coolest trends, but creating a question (in the process) that has women answering:

➡“I will think about it”
➡“Is this not a little bit too early?”
➡“Sorry, but I don’t know you well enough”
➡Give me a little time
➡Next time (A.K.A ,No)

Is not only awkward, but confusing too. If you only heard her give these answers without getting his question, you may have imagined he was asking her out.

A few weeks ago, I had an interesting conversation with this girl from my lectures. I jokingly asked her to say “hi” next time she saw me, to which she replied she was bad at faces. I knew she was playing it cool because I already knew she had noticed me long before I did her the favour of talking to her first. So I (again jokingly maybe) suggested she give me her BBM Pin so she could avoid that problem with me, you know what she said? She said, “I saw that coming” while smiling and  eventually laughing at me like a champion. She really was wrong because all I wanted to initiate was small talk . Such situations never cease to amaze me. They leave a few questions in my mind, like:

▶Will you lose your dignity when you give me your pin at our first meeting? No one’s kissing you or anything.
▶How else am I going to contact you if you deny me your pin? It’s not like you are not also interested. :mrgreen:
▶You saw it coming huh? How are you so sure of my intentions, Sister?
▶Do I look like a terrorist?
▶Do you think I will call your WhatsApp line?

Regardless of this ladies, not everyone deserves to have your personal contact. You have the right to choose. I just  feel, like players ruined it for real men, thirsty dudes messed it up for the rest of us. You tend to imagine every guy that requests your pin is keen on you.

It is, however, disappointing , some comments you may discover on some girls’ beautiful photos, especially on Instagram. “+1800… please WhatsApp/call me”. Dude, what makes you think she will call you? You see such levels of thirst have messed it up for many guys out there. If one hundred dudes keep asking for her pin, were do you stand with an innocent intention? In her eyes, you stand with the damn 100. There are times when game won’t save you because she just doesn’t trust you especially if you want to shift the party from Facebook or Twitter , to her BBM or WhatsApp. It’s even more confusing when she clearly is ‘feeling you’, but won’t allow you tap that  pin.

On the other hand, I like to think it all depends on the kind of Person you are dealing with, because some find it okay to have their WhatsApp or number on a public profile. To me, that isn’t classy at all. A pin is fine, but your number is deeply personal. Others are open minded and outgoing and will give you their details even when they aren’t into you. I mean it really isn’t about having to be into someone, at times boys and girls should just be friends.

In conclusion, I am not trying to create a social revolution. Your answer to the question can be criticised, but Should ever be  respected. I, however, am not looking forward to start earning your trust for your pin. I can only imagine guys that worked for a pin and then went straight to obey the ninety day rule. 😂Hehe (Joke)


I am now careful. I give them options. I leave no room for suspicion lol


And this is what i avoid. Lol Thanks Sam G for allowing me use this as an illustration.

So If you think this was cool, share, if you don’t,  you will never have my pin. 😜hehe Thanks for reading.

Interact with me on twitter @aqui_cuteboi_ (Notice  how I didn’t say follow? ):mrgreen:

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3 thoughts on “Can I have your WhatsApp, BBM pin?

  1. Wouldn’t it be cool if my last name was “Navula”?lol,imagine that..everybody would be like,”uh??” :p..anyways,awesome piece,as always..and I’m a culprit..I my whatsapp is personal..I don’t know why @acqui-cuteboi has it though 😀 but everything else you said was totally true.We end up missing out on great friendship opportunities..but more importantly the choice is ours..

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