In the midist of the dark I lay
Thoughts ‘creamed’ with indignation, indifference was all to say

How could it be?
That the prince, comfort could not see
Had a curse  befallen him?
A curse so evil that he could not beam
for what had he to pay?
In the palm of his hand his face lay

So when the king saw him, he heard his thoughts clear
His boy no longer knew fear

A boy in their eyes, a man in my thoughts
Penny  for your thoughts?
I play games no more
Oh yes my heart was sore but no more

In his silence the king had rescued me
I was ignorant of it, but I rode the escalator to where I should be
I saw pain I knew struggle
The mouth would rather have a success tongue caressing it, but hot water it will never want to gaggle

When the world was almost ending, I was given an extension
So maybe I could not give excuses like a kid in detention

Voluptuously, opportunity looked so beautiful like womanly breasts
So I grabbed her with both hands
That one day I will reap my harvest with millions of diameter 15cm rubber bands.

NB: I wrote this poem a couple of months ago. I will admit I can relate to it, but since poems are free, you can interprete it in any way you like enjoy and happy weekend.:D

When can we smile?


So when can we smile?
To know that everything is over
Shed off yesterday’s hurtful pile
Like the snake won’t allow its old skin to bother.
When can we smile?       

How we never knew peace
Our hearts never knew a jovial second or a while
How we longed for a day we never knew
One day, i could say, one day
One day to smile, one day to rest
When can I smile?

Even if it was sold, happiness i couldn’t afford
but I can always pay melancholy my landlord
How stupid are my riches
Engraved in my skin like stitches
When can we smile?

Why so serious?
No don’t you put a smile on my face
The same damn quarrel me and myself face
maybe the smile is just expensive
But one day I will afford it.
So can we smile?
Yes we can.

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