Muzo Alphonso calls out Alpha Entertainments on a Slap Dee song?


When I listened to what seemed like the most shared song yesterday, Somone, I was like “Oh My Word ” Yes I was.

I had recently imagined Muzo Alphonso joining XYZ or atleast working with King Dizzo. I must have tweeted that before.

I mean what other option did the kid have? His Utopia at Alpha entertainments was really short lived and with a huge talent he had to chose between making it on his own (which is extremely hard) or walk with another big cat.

I was afraid his Career was hitting a downward shift. Slap actually agrees with me whe he says, “I resurrected Muzo”. Most recent works I have come across of Muzo have been features on somewhat underground artists’ songs who leave so much to be desired and so when I found a download link on BBM from DJ Nyuri, I couldn’t hesitate, but grab the song and boy did Muzo sound like Muzo.

Slap Dee is a heavyweight who will go down in History as being one of the best that ever did it on the Zed scene or Africa once he works harder. Muzo is smart enough to work with Slap, but is he trying to Frustrate his former team?

I have always believed XYZ and ALPHA are still on it. Surely we could have seen Macky 2 and Slap work with each other- not in an advert that paid them both coercing them to work together.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not insinuating that Muzo has been or will signed by XYZ, but if your ex begins to walk with your competitor, what message are they trying to send to you?

Besides hinting he’s trying to send a message, he has somethings to say that somehow clear the air. “Bambi nangu baibika pamulu kuwayawaya fye” (Some people attaching themselves to the top is just in vain). We all know someone who once called Himself Zed Hiphop.

Slap as well uses this opportunity to tell everyone he’s the top man. “I am the only King outchea here”. He goes on claiming the throne with a cooler line “Looking like King Mswati only with the Nike airs”

“Opowaila ifi tusansamusha Tenimbo ni soccer fye” (Ever since you left, it’s nolonger Music, but Soccer to bring us joy). Muzo claims his fans or maybe some friends actually miss his fire as they can’t enjoy what is left. Is he trying to say he was better than everyone at Alpha? It is important to note, Muzo has claimed to be Zambia’s number 1 rapper on a couple of songs.

I am personally yet to see a rapper who after having a falling out with his former team or friend will be the bigger man to just move on.There is more to shed light on as a rapper than washing dirty linen in public. I am sure there is a lot Muzo has to thank Alpha for. They gave him such a good headstart.

Anyway, Zambian Hip-hop continues to be more exciting as fans are always eager to hear a reply.

Somone is a hot jam anyway and this is the first time I have heard Mumba Yachi work with popular Zambian artists. He is a very gifted artist who I think needs to expose himsef a lot more to Zambians.

If you haven’t heard the song, get it here Here.

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Young Zambian woman making a difference


INTRODUCTION:  Aquila Speaks is proud to host Victoria Daka, a young Zambian lady extending her hand to the less privileged with her skill and love.

In life you never really understand something until circumstances and situations put you in a “no option” zone.

Like every other average teen my idea of fun was going out, being the star and basically just living life young ,wild and free. My life came to a halt when I was 18 and pregant. Everything seemed to be falling apart; in a year I was supposed to start my first law academic year ,I was going to be a mum. In my head I knew life would be tougher. My experience as a teen mom leaves me with one thing in mind, it’s never easy raising a child when you yourself are but a child.

A child can change you in ways you can only imagine, I saw the need to love and care for my child . My son is basically the motivating force in my life, he is the key reason I decided to begin volunteering for the motherless babies at an orphanage.

At the orphanage I met different people all with different stories. Indeed it’s the smiles I see on the kids everytime I’m there that encourages me to go on  every single day and not expect anything in return. To me, the fact that I can make a child happy by simply being a friend, a mentor, a sister is  overwhelming. I basically help the smallest learn to read and write, art and craft, plus my newly acquired hobby enables me to design and tailor dresses for the little girls.

These children are below 6 and are  23 in total: 3 girls and 10 boys. All these kids have different gifts and are beautiful in their own way, it is inspiring when I enter a room and they all run and scream to embrace me. The youngest, perhaps, is my favourite, he reminds me so much of my own son. Little joshua they call him. His crazy laugh feels me with joy. I have  found peace among children, children who have been  robbed of love and family by different circumstances, some death. Some have parents who simply can’t afford to care for them.

I have learnt so much over the past year,you can help someone simply by giving a part of you and this is knowledge our society lacks ,we are  each poor in one way or the other so when blessed in a specific area, share like it’s  your last.

I hope to grow with the same love and compassion and that one day I too will be able to help more than just physically but financially too by making a home for the other children out there, an orphanage of my own.

I hope my little story touched a few people. Love is never love until you give it away. Thank You all

Stories like Victora’s are the kind many other women and generally the whole society can relate to, be it teenage pregnancy or Orphans. When I asked Victoria to write a story she coyly said she had not written anything in years because her love for writing had faded. I told her I would resurrect it and when she sent in her story,  I knew her writing would inspire many. I believe many teenage girls in Zambia can learn from this.

I am proud of her for being brave as this will help so many young Zambian mothers or any women who feel they had children at the wrong time. I believe everything is in God’s plan and there is no need to panic. You can simply make a good out of bad and move on. That is what should be our definition.

Orphans on the other hand should be a concern to all of us. No bragging intended, I made my first donation last year and given enough resources I could do that over and over again. I have had a glimpse into the lives of the less privileged and so I appreciate what Victoria is doing.  Do not get me wrong, but I will say this, being born with parents who fully care for us shadows the reality of the suffering of those who had not a similar privilege and  that is why we need that full exposure. It is only humane to help out the people who have less in our communities. I advise each one of you to just take some time and visit an orphanage near you . You do not necessarily have to donate, but spending time to interact with those children will be such a satisfying experience.

Thanks all for reading have a pleasant weak ahead. God bless. 

NB: Victoria is a shy one so she wasn’t ready to have her picture on the cover, but if you  have anything of encouragement to say to her, feel free to drop comments below she will appreciate.