The world we are living


Does it ever hit you what a scary and hostile place this world is? Am I the only one who takes seriously what we see in Black List or some secret service novels?

Just this morning, I opened my BBC app to news of the Paris attacks. Later, Yahoo News pops up and tells me the death toll just increased. I notice my BBC Top news section is just full of negative news, I mean many a time it usually is. It makes me wonder if sad news is the best news to report for a news corporation, or maybe they are just showing us the world for what it really is.

When one is a baby, they are sweet and loved, at least usually. No one ever tends to imagine the new born will at some point pull the trigger to shed blood or stab another body to empty it of life. This is the thought I have regarding killers. It becomes impossible to believe they were once children, vulnerable, angelic and innocent.

We may wage war against global warming, viruses, corruption, terrorism, but at the end of it all we are fooling ourselves because man is the real enemy because he created this mess. Viruses are created in labs to infect people, Tress cut down just to make ‘leaves of value’, killing innocent people with no significant reason like there ever is one. The most terrifying being in this whole world is the human being.

We claim to have evolved by the years, but to what? To killers, Racists, Extremists to Selfish beings. I think we always have been this way though. We all have our own Agenda and are too busy to focus on that of the other.
People decide to go out and have some fun at a concert and then it’s guns and explosions. Is this what we call the 21st century?  Schools and Churches are now gun fields? Refugees, babies lying dead on beaches, reporters tripping vulnerable people.  Seriously what the heck is wrong with this world?

We talk about world peace, but does it ever occur to you that that is now almost far-fetched because we are aliens to each other. We may help, but in truth that is just a favor to be returned. One day we will look back and say, just like the League of Nations, the UN failed. Tribal hatred, civil wars, poverty among other things linger around the globe.

As ridiculous as this may sound to many people out there, these are the last days.  The son of man will soon be here, be smart.  (Mark 13)