I find it hard to fathom how quick time is able to fly by of late. It seems like yesterday when we were saying goodbye to 2014 and now we are saying good bye to 2015. I do recall the night of 31st December 2014 as if it was yesterday. I remember my dad giving me and my young brother a talk the following day. Jeez, time is the new Bugatti Veron.

As time races, it pushes us closer to our dreams, deadlines, graduations, weddings, birthdays and yes death days. I mean the reality of it all is we can never run away from some of these occurrences, but then again, unfortunately, we may miss out  on some great occurrences if we do not prepare enough. I mean we have goals don’t we? What happens if you are good at procrastination when time waits for no man?

One major trend has been the expression of desires to attain the good life. That is to say most youths of today dream of owning a Lamborghini, a private Jet, a huge mansion, become millionaires or billionaires, marry good looking people, have good looking kids, travel the whole world, take selfies with famous people and be mates with them, the list is almost infinite. Today is 31st December 2015 and the question would be, what have you done about it?

You see? This is what frightens me the most about time’s high speed. I have my own deadlines and I feel this mounting pressure. If I have to wait to get my degree, get a job and then start working on my personal goals, I think I will be ‘old’ and my deadlines would have beaten me. This really sucks. I wish I had an entrepreneur’s mind when I was a teenager. Why does our education system not prepare us fully for the future? To tell us the truth, that it really isn’t about school. I know school is highly of essence, but if you have big dreams, you need to seek alternatives too.

As we leave 2015, are you closer to your dreams, is your hustle big enough? Have you been fighting hard enough? I mean it will be 31st December 2016 and you will still have a dream that lacks cultivation and probably lose it eventually.

This time around, I want to tell you that you will have to learn to water your tree before you can have the opportunity to eat of its fruit. It is one thing to dream big and another to work on it. With time flying so quickly, the best we can do is coordinate with the flow and push in some input that will have us in a better position the next year end.

This year, I am ashamed to say my hustle has not flourished at all, but I thank God that I am still in a better position to work it out. Everyone out there that is struggling to make it, never lose the fight. I thank God for allowing me to taste the fruit of faith so I know that everything is possible and no matter what, I will make it. Pray hard, work hard, believe in God and believe in yourself. I have so much confidence in myself today (than I have ever had in my life) you will probably feel insulted if you don’t have a visionary’s mind.

Forget about making funny resolutions, we are all imperfect and the best we can do is not wait for a new year to change, but work every day on our bad habits. My resolution, however, is to “work harder and push myself closer to my dreams”

Remember what you do today determines what you will become tomorrow. I have learnt countless lessons in this year that I would have loved to share, but I just wanted to talk to my dreamers. Never let them tell you, you cannot do it. My mother always told me, “It’s never too late”. I will rest on that.

I pray you all have a happy 2016, keep believing in God and yourself. Goodbye 2015.


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