I am happy to host Mubonde Pupe, an aspiring lawyer with a vision to see Zambia move in a fruitful direction. I am always glad to see fellow youths whose hearts burn for the development of our beautiful country as the future is ours and the generations to come.  Enjoy the post below and leave a message for her in the comment box if you have any.

By Mubonde Pupe

Zambia is a country with a population sadly with a breed of the weak, cowards and obedient.

We can never be leaders because we are trained to fear and obey, we are governed by rulers who are scared to change the laws even when society is changing, how do we expect to change our country if we are not ready to change the way we think? We have small minds and the only thing we are good at is sarcastically responding to the views of the few that choose to break down and speak.

Our leaders are slaves in suits; they are slaves to their own thirst for power and greed. Instead of presidential debates which are meant to intellectually empower us, we host angry arguments were each candidate expresses his/her disrespectful thoughts to the public.
Instead of utilizing the media, the worst consequences of this “free publicity” is the way it has deeply impacted us Zambians respect for each other, the media is not a source of any news anymore it’s just a battle field for politicians, airing out their dirty laundry, exchanging insults like children, where’s your dignity?

Unsurprisingly our generation has not been natured in fighting for or defending our territory, I think it’s time we revive in the mind of Zambians the true natures of our freedom fighters. The influence of foreign investment in Zambia is very negative and could be considered as part of Zambia’s problem, we seek for help elsewhere when we can come together and solve problems, we employ foreigners when there people right here qualified to do the jobs, we lack self-respect because if we respected ourselves enough we would believe in ourselves so much to do the job and not foreigners.

Zambia is not poor we just have a leadership problem, for any society to prosper it should be able to identify, train and prepare its future leaders, the issue in our country’s leadership is not the quality of its individuals but the attitudes of the group of individuals backing the head of the group, you can’t develop a country where the majority of the so called leaders have a criminal mentality. “Even the bible says where there is no vision people perish” that’s exactly what’s happening in our country we lack vision because if we had a dream we would work towards it and build a better place for ourselves.

Disclaimer: The views in the post do not necessarily represent Aquilaspeaks.


  1. I must say I do agree with most of what is written in this article. Unfortunately it will take more than a generation to change our mindsets. We are too dependant on our politicians and think they will fix every problem we have. I believe change can only be achieved form the bottom as opposed to top-down. It is in our homes. How we are raised and the values instilled in us are what counts. Politics is a dirty game. Even those that get into it with the best of intentions will at some point get greedy and this is why there are a handful of honest politicians out there. I say handful because I am yet to come across them.

  2. Kachimwa

    Totally agree with you, but now as future leaders now that we have identified the problem we ought to provide solutions too, would have enjoyed more if atleast you had highlighted some of the things we can change it doesn’t matter how long it would take like Musonda said it can take more than a generation, but atleast we should change things as patriotic Zambians who would love nothing else but our country to be better. Thank you

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