Give it to the women

women deserve a chance
women deserve a chance

It is almost astounding to come to the realisation of the existence of male chauvinists in this day.However,with the proverbial being this is a free world,the situation is not transcendental as everyone is entitled to an opinion of their own.I find looking down on women unorthodox as I believe they are as good as male beings.
The best input into women is inspiration and motivation as their response to this stimulus is so overwhelming.For example,when Pompi released the song,make up,the trend in most young Zambian women has been the quest to live up to the typical Proverbs:31 lady which is really astonishing.This shows how focussed women can be in a positive way.
Women have proven to be influential in so many fields,from politics to entertainment.Margaret Thatcher undoubtedly should be every female politician’s inspiration as she is such a landmark in political history.Mother Teresa is an afflatus not only to the women folk,but to the world as a whole.In the entertainment industry,Oprah Winfrey has proven to women that they too can be philanthropists and a light to others.
It is imperative for every woman to be independent in every necessary aspect of life.I find it unethical for a woman to date or marry a man sorely for financial support.Until they realise this,women will see the degeneration of their mistreatment by some men as they give those men a sense of ownership.Today,women should realise that education is meant for them too.“Beauty does not last,but you may be rich forever”.
What inspired me to write this post was my mother who has been exquisite and exemplary throughout my life from morals to education.I wish to congratulate her on attaining yet another degree-masters.she could be a great inspiration to so many young ladies out there.The truth is women deserve our gratitude and our respect as men and it all begins with them setting their standards high and not reducing themselves to video vixens and any other activity of dignity loss.
I desire is to see a world that does not prejudice women because I know they are capable of attaining every possible greater heights.Give women a chance,they could just build Rome in a day.