Man has played around with dolphins, rode elephants, had tigers in his home and even trusted snakes around his neck. However, he has not been able to control a certain animal.

The irony of it all is he is always trying to maintain control over everything, but never had the capacity to fully control this animal. Well i get it. I mean it stings like a bee, smells like a skunk, chews like a hippo, swallows like an anaconda and roars like a lion, no not really, it’s too cowardly, snarls like a dog. Don’t be fooled though, it is still wildly.

The Funny thing is some people have been able to walk with it. They are perfectly good people except they will not like you because you are green when they are purple or because they are blue and you are pink.

As this walk continues, it leaves me questioning the real definition of civilization as most societies tend to believe they are civilized.

For as long as this walk continues, we will be able to relate to the wildlife food chain where a Lion consumes an impala, only in our case, it is more of a spiteful chain.

I bleed red, you do too . Though my skin colour be different from yours, you are just like me. Just because I am green and you are not doesn’t mean you can’t be as good as me. It is no competition, but it just shows how far we have gone, testing our abilities just to prove a point when it  is simply common sense. It also sounds like a plea to be accepted.

We wake up to videos, pictures and stories on social media depicting people that walk with this animal. We have seen it walk in people we should run to for protection- the police, we have seen it run in buses, planes.

Maybe these people never chose this walk, but the animal chose them. But, I like to believe we all have a choice to make- free will.


A baby may freak out upon seeing a human of a different colour for the first time. However,  the baby will get over it eventually  and even want to be in the arms of ‘what’ it feared. It is really up to someone to impart some Dogma into this child. The child then walks with the animal because they were just ignorant. So we should watch what we say to our little ones. We are never born with this walk, we are taught this walk and as adults may adopt this walk because of influence around us.

Living in China for some months has me appreciating certain parts. Little kids are always saying “hello” when they see me and my friends and want to feel our hair. If these kids’ parents decide to tell them negative stories about my race, the children may walk with the animal.

Certain parts  take us 15 minutes for a cab to stop. Are the Taxi drivers walking with the animal? Or maybe I am just paying for the sins of other people of my race who made it a tendancy not to pay after using a taxi? Even in our suspicions we may walk with the animal without realizing it.

You don’t have to mistreat some one to walk with the animal. If you pay a blind eye to a racist act, you walk with it. If you believe you are inferior to another race, you walk with it. Oh! you may say  “I don’t walk with it Aquila” Well without realizing it, you may have judged  a whole race because of what one person did against you.

I don’t believe Barack Obama is that special. Yes, he is the first Black president  but i believe there we’re many black men before him who could have made even better presidents than him.  I love Barack Obama not because he was the first black president, but because of some of his qualities. We should stop stop terming people as black presidents, female presidents because at the end of it all, there is no such things as a red,blue, male or female mind to run affairs.

It reminds me of the irrational comments I saw on Facebook when Dr Guy Scott took over presidential affairs after the late Micheal Sata passed on (MHSRIP). Some users  could say “we are back in the colonial times as a white man is leading us”. That is preposterous. In years to come, we will have fourth generation people of every race who will want to exercise their right as Zambians  to stand as  Parliamentary or presidential candidates. My point is we could all easily walk with the animal without knowing.

I may not be the first person to speak against this walk, but if we all changed our stance and got more and more people to speak against it while practicing what they preached we could have advocated for IMG_20150706_132552a racism free world. It’s like people want a HIV free generation and not a Racist free one.

Love is what can heal us all. There is no race that is completely racist. This is 2015 we should be able to hold hands and to your surprise, you won’t get any rash by doing that.