Your thoughts govern your life - Aquila Ng'onga

Your thoughts govern your life – Aquila Ng’onga

Hello mate, pull out a chair, sit back and relax and…. I think you expected ENJOY as the next word, but that’s alright. Since this is 2014, btw the only dude that kissed the S5 (yeah that is a big deal for him), I need not ask for your keys (keys? Pshhh), or your password (well you know, password’s much better), but!!! , Your fingerprint- to unlock your mind.

Thank you, how cooperative of you. I also want you to know that I refuse to judge you as gullible, but instead I choose to respect this trust you have exhibited. One last thing, don’t freak out, don’t freak out. Now close your eyes and yes I hope you enjoy my ride in your mind as I hope the same for myself.

3 minutes later

Good news, thanks to your fingerprint I was promptly cleared by immigration. Bad news, as big as your mind is, there are only two streets: Positivity and negativity streets. And you guessed right, I was only allowed to start from Negativity Street thanks to your soldiers
“Negativity Street or we throw you out Akil”

“My name’s Aquila”

“Akil, Aquila, whatever, Negativity street it is.”

Wow, mean people there. They all sound like Terry Crews.

So far, it has not been easy to navigate through your mind. I can hardly move 2 inches without a police road block. Wait, here comes the fifth officer; I have to meet in less than 10 inches of my journey. His name is officer Melancholy. He is such a devastated individual. With a soft voice he asks me to pull over. He is so pathetic but don’t be fooled as he is also powerful. He grows bigger by the second and I doubt he will disappear soon enough for me to leave. After something that seems like 5 hours though it’s only been 30 minutes, this dude disappears and I speed off before he resurfaces. I am told he appears a lot often.

Negativity Street is not your average street. It’s like a street in India filled with hundreds of people- you just can’t move through at your own speed or maybe it’s like a third world country road wounded with potholes that won’t allow you to make it to your destination at your time of convenience. Now that you get the picture, brace yourself I am about to meet officer doubt.

Officer doubt I’m told appears at this point at least once a day. I learn that she set herself a record of longest appearance at the time you applied for your accountancy Job (Coincidental? I think not.) She also has the nature of growing so big suddenly. I am fortunate because she lets me go past in good time.

It’s worth noting that there exists besties in your mind. Guess who they are? No, it’s actually despair aka incredulity, aka disbelief and officer doubt. The way they coexist is simply amazing. If you get a quick pass from doubt, be sure to get the same from despair. They kind of appear and disappear at the same time. They are like conjoined twins joined to the same heart.

Well mate, I can tell you it’s been no crystal stair confronting all these officers, but having met worry, I believe things can get worse in Negativity Street. Maybe next time I will fill you in on the confrontations I had with pain, depression, pessimism…. OMG I feel so weary, I need to rest.

Positivity Street

I am now strong enough to continue the rest of the tour. You will be pleased that the best part of your mind is so welcoming and comforting. I can’t see any cops over here. It is a free world. The first individual I met here is was a dude playing happy by Pharrell Williams in his car. It’s funny because his name is actually happiness, aka joy, aka bliss, aka elation, aka… Dude relax. He has so many akas, but all we should know is he is happy.

Unfortunately happiness appears and disappears in such short intervals. Since he is much sweeter than guys like despair and melancholy, I wonder why he doesn’t occur more often like them. I am already enjoying the small talk me and him are having. I hear despair, pain, worry, sorrow among others can’t mind their business, but usually threaten happiness to disappear.

After happiness is taken away from the scene, Hope quickly comes over to console me who takes me to Faith mall where we get some lunch. At Faith mall, hope grows so big I feel elation instantly. Hope and faith expands most at your prayers.

In comes a really beautiful girl in the café. Hope introduces me to her as serenity. She smiles so nice. She looks so immaculate. You see, I could forfeit the rest of the tour just to keep looking in her face. She also has a twin sister named Peace aka tranquillity. These two sisters are the calmest beings I have ever met in your mind. They talk so gracefully.

Faith mall is like the pillar of Positivity Street and everyone here looks dependant on him. I am so pleased to have met optimism
Your Positivity Street is so short compared to your negativity one. Faith and optimism said it is up to you to make it longer, but mostly you choose to expand Negativity Street.

I wish I could continue, but all good things do meet an end. I enjoyed touring your mind; I hope you enjoyed having me in there too. You can now have your eyes open.

These cops in your mind made my navigation impossible.

These cops in your mind made my navigation impossible.

Free your mind today

Free your mind today

Always aim to expand your positivity street.

Always aim to expand your positivity street.

It's all up to you to choose.You either expand positivity or negativity

It’s all up to you to choose.You either expand positivity or negativity


Ever been faced with a situation that left you remorseful because you did something you hated and never thought you would do, sorely because you had no self-esteem at the time? No? Well then you must be among a random fortunate few because most of us have been a victim of this particular situation. Sometimes we do not act ourselves simply because we want to please someone else. Some of these actions incite jeopardy upon us, but even though, we decide to overlook any warning. I could emphasise more, but I suppose the imagery of lack of self-esteem should be painted in your minds from what I have explained in a few words.Image



The first step to attaining self-esteem is dodging an identity crisis. Many of us lack the ability to realise the dignity we possess. I know there is a system of grouping where one is classified as rich or poor, educated or uneducated, eminent or ordinary, and not forgetting the moral high ground. As much as these masks make others appear superior or inferior, we are all human beings with mutual feelings, failures and strengths; among others. Many people, however, do no not realise this and therefore never really know their position. Identifying yourself is very important because it limits your vulnerability to any sort of insecurities. Since you realise you are as good as anyone else, you will have no reason to feel bad about yourself and try to act inferior to another.


 At times the reason people fail to break through an identity crisis is because they refuse to flee unhealthy manipulation of them by others. The attitude and influence of the people around us is always felt. I do not see how someone can manage to feel good about himself when all his positive energy is drained by negative people who make him believe that he is not good enough for something. I advise you to avoid people who always seem to take away your belief in yourself. Do not allow anyone to judge you less. Even if people do not give you compliments when due, do not lose yourself. If it makes you feel better, believe you are the best in the world, the most handsome or prettiest in the world. At all times, boost your self-confidence.


You should know that being devoid of self-esteem is very suicidal. It drives you into poor decision making. Because you have no self-respect, you decide to stick to a violent partner or a job that has you mistreated. Having in mind that we may encounter desperate times, I still believe self-esteem will always allow room for you to make decisions in your best interest. It will make you quit a job that has you underpaid or tell or set straight a person that thinks they can sexually harass you. You will know that you can’t say yes to every proposal .Yes! With self-esteem not everyone deserves to go out with you. You will know just how special you are and just how much you are worth. Self-esteem defines our dressing, our talk or basically our lifestyle. I am sure you will never see President Obama dressed like Kanye or Lil Wayne. With self-esteem comes a self-image.Image

Please do not grow big headed at this point and try to get me wrong. Just because I have reminded you of how special you are, do not go out there preaching your importance. Yes you are important, but this minute realise that there is a thin line between self-esteem and pride. Being proud of yourself is alright, but it doesn’t have to make you contemptuous or condescending. Have regard for others and create an environment that allows people you interact with feel comfortable and full of self-esteem .Help others evaluate themselves. Make it your responsibility that they do.

If you ever look down on yourself, terminate that contract and apply for self-confidence, self-worth, a sense of worth, self-respect, self-regard, self-assurance and not forgetting pride. Life is too short to live as an outcast to yourself.