A Police UNZA teargas
Before I developed the interest of studying abroad, I always wanted to study at the University of Zambia. I guess I really loved the thought of moving to Lusaka and also because my coolest cousin went there. I really had this utopian view of the institution.

So after I completed Grade school, I applied and was accepted to begin my freshman year in 2012, but I did not go as I had to do A. Level. After A. Level, I wasn’t going abroad as planned so I had to go back to the institution I abandoned.
With no enthusiasm, me and my cousin got on a bus to Chelston to begin my registration. To be clear, I was the one devoid of enthusiasm. When we got off, I wasn’t going over the bridge. You see because of my fear of heights, it took me almost three months to cross Great East road on the bridge. It had to take female coaxing to get some inspiration when I finally used the Bridge.Thanks  Beauty, wherever you are. Lol

It wasn’t long before the registration process began to agitate me. Nothing pisses me off more than slow processes, slow people, slow cars, and yes slow internet (which also can dictate my mood) and so when I joined a really long train of a queue with tortoise speed just to do my medicals, I knew I was going to learn patience the hard way.

It was really cool though, seeing senior students ready to help out in the registration. I learnt later that it was only a campaign strategy for students wishing to be members of UNZASU, but I could care less as long as I got the needed assistance right? I realize now that I have never taken that many passport sized photos in my life than I did at UNZA.

A few weeks later,I finally got a room at the Vet Hostels and in a week my Laptop was stolen. I thought orientation was done until this loser stole from me. It was such a horrible morning when I woke up, I was beginning to hate the school. I don’t think I will forget that morning.

Thanks to the academics, the school remained interesting. I never missed lectures. Ironically, we all enjoyed Dr Chigunta’s cockiness and because of some of his comments and statements, development Studies was never a dull moment at all. I will say Dr Lemba’s class was a bit boring, but I soon grasped the theory and realized how eminent the course was. Answering a question in LT1 that only you had the answer to was a special feeling in Dr Lemba’s class. He could always ask what your name was and glady I had my moment too .

Of course, I enjoyed Economics with Mr. Banda. If you are so good at following instructions, you would never have a problem with the man. I forget the name of the Indian woman that lectured me in math, but all I remember is she was too fast, and thankfully as I had done A. level, her speed matched my timing.

At this point, you may be wondering if all I have said has anything to do with a Viva, but forgive me for telling a story you are enjoying so far. 🙂
I planned to be UNZASU president in my third year. One of my plans was to eradicate Vivas and still get results. Now, I know most of you love Vivas and are wondering what kind of leader would not want to go to war, but not everyone is keen on that and I believe in change. I seriously hated riots. Further, I wasn’t on BC so I could literally be fighting for nothing.

I think the first attempt came one day when I was leaving LT1. Simple colonel or so they called him and his team had something scribbled on paper and were trying to entice other students into a protest. I later went to the Library were they also came through. All I heard were drums being beaten shortly followed by a sort of alarm I was hearing for the first time. I realized it meant we vacated the Library as everyone else was leaving. Orientation takes a long time yeah?

Later in the evening, I escorted a friend back to her boarding house and for the first time, I saw students throwing stones in the great east road almost causing what could have been a fatal accident given the average speed cars move by in that road. I was so happy that Viva wasn’t going to happen that day.
One evening, must have been a friday i think, we had an extra or make up class for ECN 1225. Mr Banda began to speak on the phone and then told us Ruins had just been peppered with tear gas. He quickly left the class as we all followed suit to wherever we thought was safe.

I quickly rushed back to my room. The hostels were safe for most of the hours, but the Viva was getting intense as our view of new res presented us a burning female hostel. Apparently, the fire had been caused by a canister that was shot by the cops and the fire was slowly spreading. I don’t know if that hostel has now been fully rehabilitated as i left people working on it.

The viva kept degenerating as  now I could see the blue land cruiser with a light on top. I was left in my room with my room mate’s girl friend. After a few hours of the cops not reaching the vet hostels, they finally showed up and two rooms away i could hear the cops fighting their way into a room that some students had run into. I quickly switched off the light, told my friend’s girl to get under his bed and I got under mine. No sooner had we done this, than I debuted in the world of tear gas. I was rubbing my face with my wet towel, ferociously. A bucket of water was my well. I have never been so nervous in my life. I was so scared i could be another innocent statistic. I had heard of stories of how brutal the police would be with anyone who seemed to be a student during these critical times.Thankfully, the heavy boots and Nyanja could not be heard outside any more. The cops were gone. I had survived a viva moment.

I really do miss the campus but for the vivas, I hope it can be reopened soon enough for all the students to progress in time. I would really love to see education run as smooth as possible in Zambian universities, it is not every decade that we need riots.

Thanks for reading and leave a comment to share your own Viva moment if you went to UNZA, CBU or any other rioting university.
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Chikabala and Eva give out a jersey to a pupil.

Chikabala and Eva give out a jersey to a pupil.

I know I took a break from blogging after having blogged for 5 days in a row two weeks ago. However, I decided to drop a blog post at a very unusual hour ( given my posts are mostly in the morning).
I hope you all did a constructive thing this week. Well I did, I was part of a donating project this week and it was awesome.
This Monday morning, my bro Bobat called me up asking me to get ready in an hour so he could pick me up. I got to meet his friend from Cyprus, Eva Smagacz. She is quite outgoing, it’s never a dull moment. She was representing Cyprus International University while Bobat, you can now call him Mr Chikabala Kaleta, represented Kaleta voluntary support. Chikabala Kaleta is the founder of Kaleta Voluntary Support and he had partnered with CIU to donate football jerseys that day.
Long Story cut short, we arrived at around 11 hours in Chambishi township. The head teacher received us warmly. Oh yeah the name of the school is Chambeshi High School.
After some discussions with the Head teacher we were off to see the students. Well that was after I had declined the offer to Speak. I wasn’t in my motivational speaker mode that morning.
We got to meet the students. Chikabala and Eva motivated the students who seemed so happy and excited.
Well that was it. Below are some photos I took while there and you should know that this is the first blog post I have typed from my phone :). Good evening

I should have known better than to dress casually :)

I should have known better than to dress casually 🙂

Eva motivates the pupils

Eva motivates the pupils

Chikabala rewards a deserving pupil

Chikabala rewards a deserving pupil

The pupils

The pupils

Destructive Vices in university

Booze is such a distruction in uni

Booze is such a distruction in uni

Hey everyone,I hope easter has been enjoyable. With regard to this month’s #IamAZedBlogger Challenge, I teamed up with another blogger, Gloria and with mine and her pretty brains we came up with this post, I hope you enjoy 🙂 .

Because I am a university student, I see a lot of things. I am sure you know what I am talking about. My friend Uche and I had been chatting about how young people tend to lose themselves when they go to university, especially when you move away from home. Whether we are within the country or outside, I don’t understand why but, we just tend to go with the flow. You know the new found freedom: partying, boys/girls, alcohol and all that.

Yes, according to social psychology it is a normal part of the development of a human being. It however becomes a problem when you fail to recognise who you are, and instead begin to identify yourself with a particular crowd which includes that crowd’s traits, behaviour and habits. The thing is when we go to a new place we want to redefine who we are. And well that is a good thing, but sometimes we want to be known as “cool” and “the party starters”. That’s fine as well, but my question is which kind of cool are you and what type of party do you start? Which crowd are you identified with?
Those questions Gloria has raised above are worth thinking about. You know losing your identity is the greatest poverty you can ever experience. Because all the guys in campus party recklessly, drink irresponsibly, do drugs or sleep around doesn’t mean I have to forget that I am the opposite of them- if at all I am. However, if I lose my identity and join the crowd, I deprive myself of a wise choice because the consequences I may face will be fatal and that crowd will not be there to pick me up from my pit of distress. Living a life to impress others is not the best way you can show them you are cool. There is so many cool and safe ways to be cool just discover which.

Maybe university just brings out who you really are because if you know what is good for you, you will not dare indulge into vices that will possibly ruin your life. Some people are like the role model during high school and make you look bad because they are the decent and high achieving kids , but when they go to college or university, they are the drunkard of the year. Many of them have ended up being excluded in the very first year because they become failures. I just don’t understand why it is easy to copy ill manners from someone than good morals.

Freshmen or freshers need to know what exactly they are in for when they join a university so as to eliminate the possibilities of them making unwise decisions. I know university poses plenty temptations to a student because the freedom is to an extent unlimited. Sex becomes more available than ever, you can miss classes all you like;basically, nobody is there to seriously warn you of a wrong path you may be taking because you are an adult as far as everyone are concerned. This and many more becomes too much for someone and much more for one who is meeting this for the first time.
Self-control shouldn’t wane in a place like this. Girls need to focus real hard because they are a major target of sugar daddies and many guys who just want to date a college/university girl. You may leave university with a pregnancy instead of a degree or diploma. It’s just the same warning to us guys only that we may father a child at a very wrong time. Worse still, Hiv still has no cure. Be patient, there is time for everything. There will still be alcohol, clubs, girls/boys, and a lot of improved fun even after graduating.

So when you go into university, enter to succeed and never to forget that. Study hard, parties will ever be around.
This is the message we had for you folks. Bless.

Just keep calm and graduate

Just keep calm and graduate

The fall of the decent in university is not transcendental.

The fall of the decent in university is not transcendental.

Is Education Success?


Growing up, I was fed with the idea that once your academic life missed the success train, you would be doomed. I grew up thinking only college and university graduates got to lead the comfortable life. Teachers would mention that you could possibly be homeless if you didn’t concentrate on school, while your friends that did would have the best jobs and cars. When I look back at such, I hope my teachers mentioned such as a way to help us attach more importance to school than as a matter of fact. Education is very important and may make your life easier, but I guess university drop outs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg may have a different story to tell.
We all know of people that are successful, but never set foot into university. How different are these people from any of us? What drives them and not us? We may go to university and get as many credentials, but may never equal their success. Are we being teased that education is a waste of our time in our quest to succeed?

Reading their biographies, you will discover that Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs have a mutual tendency; dropping out of school. They turned out to be billionaires without degrees. As a matter of fact, Bill Gates got his first degree in 2007, prior to which he had already amassed billions. I dread being the best student in Zuckerberg’s class, because even after I graduated with the highest credentials, Mark would be among the youngest billionaires and I wouldn’t. Bill Gates is quoted as saying, “I failed in some subjects, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer at Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.”
These men are of negative influence to a scholar whose hopes of succeeding are built on education because their works are too great to be erased from history and because those works succeeded without a single degree possessed by any of them. So many people will graduate, but will never be in a position to become philanthropists. Because of people like Steve Jobs, we are made to question the necessity of education in our lives.

I know of a UNZA graduate who is always joking that I should never be like him because he feels he works so many hours without being rewarded enough. Recently, he had to resign from his position because he had been offered a better job elsewhere. Having a single degree today is not enough because everyone has one. So are we going to have to rush back to university time and again to draw more degrees to become successful? I guess one will become old even before that pursuit is over. Today Bill Gates’ Net worth is US$ 77.2 billion. The combined net worth of billionaire drop outs is US$ 246 billion. It goes on to triple that of billionaires with Ph.Ds. according to Wikipedia.

As much as these drop outs are successful today, the step they took was arduous. If one is going to drop out of college because they want to avoid hard work, they are absolutely making a wrong turn. Work will always be filled with challenges. The IPhone or IPod did not just come into existence; Steve Jobs had to go through challenges. For example he was ousted out of the very company he created. These men simply dropped out to focus on their passion and interests. They realised education could impede their development. Bill Gates for example just got a leave of absence from Harvard, but could not even return because he was so committed and had obviously realised his success without school. Education was simply unnecessary because had it been a necessity, it wouldn’t have taken him 30 years to realise he should have graduated. It is definitely visible that School wasn’t his priority.


So should the whole world take this famous turn? Well I do not believe so because education is key. Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Steve Jobs may have changed the world as a drop out, but in many a way, education did help him. Today we celebrate people like Ben Carson who comes to the scholar’s rescue by proving how important education is. In no world would Dr Ben Carson operate on Siamese twins without going to medical school. You cannot wake up and decide to be a lawyer or a pilot without any form of education. For your clients’ safety, you may need proof that you are qualified for your job; you will need to graduate. Lots of our interests require us to go through university. We cannot all go the Zuckerberg way. We are meant to succeed in different angles.


Dr Ben Carson went through university and is not a billionaire today. He has earned himself a net worth of about USD 10 million. Ben Carson may not be that famous too, but he is saving lives which I believe is priceless. The point here is how we define success. Is success the money, the fame, winning the heart of the people or a level of complacency? It all depends on you. All we need to know is that education may or may not be necessary in our hope to succeed; the mutual activity though is hard work. When you work hard for something you want, you will get it eventually. Find out what way is best for you- University, or not. Be innovative at all costs.
Education like man is not any perfect; it has its pros and cons. Discover your success root today. There are many keys to success and they are all accompanied by hard work.

THE LOVE BIRDS (part one)

I was dressed, ready to leave. I checked the new notification on my phone; the time said 06:00am.I couldn’t comprehend I was this early for school (not that I hate it), but I quickly realised that the excitement of going to a new school had swallowed me in full. There was no denying that I had this burning desire to see what that term had for me, curiosity had gotten the better of me .My imaginations were filled with what the school looked like, what type of students went there and if at all I could finally find a school full of fun.

Thirty minutes later, I was in my new school. Some of my imaginations were slightly satisfied except the ‘new boy’ look I got from the students from the pick-up point all the way to the office. I mean I enjoy attention and all, but their eyes were piercing.

The receptionist was a cheerful young lady who seemed to be around 25.She had blonde hair and blue eyes. When she folded her mouth into a smile, there was no reason to act cold.

“Drew right?” She regards me.

I slowly nod in approval.

“Well I was expecting you; I hope you will be as early on every other day”. She smiles

“No worries”. I say with a smile to match hers.

“Come on now Drew, I will have to show you to your new class. Oops forgive my manners, Drew I’m Miss Smith by the way”

I’m half listening to Miss Smith because my eyes are fixed elsewhere when we walk. I am looking at this girl across the hall way. She has a well-shaped face. I notice how her hair falls neatly on her shoulders. This glimpse seems like a gaze because it lasts enough to notice all these attractive features. When she turns to notice me, it’s like she detected a pair of eyes scanning her. Her eyes are like crystals. As she smiles at me, I feel this connection I cannot fathom, but at the moment everything can be drawn to her striking beauty. My eyes smile back at her.

I am so absent minded in this class, but everyone seems friendly and I don’t like it at all .It all seems like sympathy and I detest such. My mind is still tied to the spot where I saw her. The thought of her brings robust anticipation and exhilaration. Nobody can obliterate this thought of her, not even the stern face of my new economics teacher.

“I have to know her”. I tell my self

During the first break, I apply the policy of splendid isolation on my new classmates with the aim to find her. I have really evolved. I imagine how just a few years ago I was this coy guy who couldn’t look girls in their eyes, especially pretty ones and here I am hunting for a pretty one. I smile to myself at this thought.

“There you are”. I say with a smile as I see her.

“Excuse me, what do you mean?” she says with an indifferent look.

“Well, couldn’t help, but notice you this morning .Thought it wise to say hello” .I shrug

“In that case, I don’t think you are wise “. She says curtly.

“Well being rude doesn’t make you any unattractive, try again”. I say with a smile

“Only that little boogie in your nose does” .I say with a serious face this time

She seems insecure as she tries to poke her nose with the tip of her finger covered with tissue. She then stops when she notices I tricked her because I am laughing at her.

“I see you have jokes, what’s your name”

“I’m Drew, what’s yours?”


“It’s a pleasure meeting you Vanessa. You know it would never hurt to have your line this morning”

I save her line in my phone, pleased she couldn’t front over me having it.

“I will call you when I can yeah, but in the meantime, stay pretty”. I chuckle.

new love beams with excitement
new love beams with excitement


The Graduation


In truth,one of the most cherished moments in life is the end of a seasonal struggle.It is obvious that all we want is convenience and so every time a struggle befalls us,we pray to see its termination.

The last two years have been the most challenging in my whole life academically.The norm being the fact that I am always finding school easy hasn’t been the case this time around.I think this should be accredited to the evolution of my lifestyle and the failure to adapt to the many cons of my new institution of learning.With this said,I am now a staunch believer of the phrase “success comes after suffering”.

Throughout this race,my hope has been to see the years fly past quickly to pave way for the end of the struggle in mention.It so happens this has actually come to pass.However,I had invested in picturing  the substitute for school.I thought about a lot of things,but I will only tell you about three of the most important plans I pictured.

-Firstly,I realised the need to polish up my relationship with God.With school nolonger in my way,I lacked it as a scapegoat for my being busy-in a positive way.

-I decided I had to put my writing skills to use again.I then opened a word press account a few days after my last paper.I just couldn’t neglect one of my strengths and let it rust.I will work on my consistency so I have a publication every week.

-lastly,I could feel the gym calling me.I have to admit I haven’t been as athletic as I had been five years ago and being a bit more muscular wouldn’t hurt at all.

The catch here is time is undoubtedly valuable and hence we should be positively productive at all costs.Yes! We do need to relax at some point,but laziness should never be under the radar.

To sum this up,I would love you to reflect on what you think you can do in your free time and what steps you should undertake to achieve your goals.Remeber we graduate seasonally,chapters open and close.