The following night was nothing short of excitement. Everyone at Club Quila glowed with high spirits. The local football club had just won the league and everyone was there to celebrate. The elation in the building was unbelievable and furthermore world renowned DJ Jake was in town. He wickedly handled the music while sending legs, waists, bottoms and hands in the most spectacular and unimaginable directions. The patrons were vividly possessed by the DJ. The house was on fire that could terminate Thanos.

However, Mike was indifferent to the status quo. He was on a mission, a mission entirely based on faith. What if she didn’t show up? What if she didn’t show up ever? What if she actually did? His heart raced at the thoughts. He was, however, comforted by the presence of his friends who he had brought with him in case things went south. The pictures of the dark bearded built were still fresh in his mind and his friends, well his friends never presented him a dull moment.

The waitress walked up to their table. His friend, Leo was already flirting with her. Leo was famous for this kind of thing. He was a natural at the game. Mike and his friends were regulars at club Quila. No sooner had the waitress left their table than their table was flooded with bottles. Mike simultaneously took his first sip of Heniken and begun to scan the area for possible traces of his target, but with no warning some one obstructed his view.

He looked up and it was none other than Silvia. Silvia was as pretty as they came. She had a beautiful smile, that could subliminally glue your eyes to her face. They had hooked up a few weeks ago, but Mike had not been returning any of her calls after. His other friend, Jack had called him a douche bag.

“Why are girls always choosing the wrong guys? Why won’t they choose me? ” , Jack had jokingly complained.

Silvia quickly moved to sit next to Mike and further planted a kiss on his cheeks.

“I miss you”, she said

“I miss you too”, he lied.

Mike concealed his agitation because it was in this very moment that he needed no distraction that he had spotted Tracy. He had to find a way to escape Silvia. Silvia was becoming too comfortable with him and unnecessarily clingy. Tracy should not have to see him in this state. All his friends became aware of the situation, the mission was getting jeopardised. Mike was thinking hard.

After 5 minutes the waitress reappeared at their table.

“Mike, the manager would like to see you” she said.

“Guys we have to meet Phill at Chicago’s now, Mike, you will catch us later, Silvia come with us” , Leo suddenly spoke after her.

Mike left the table while everyone else started off for Chicago’s. He waited a few minutes to make sure they had all left. Then he came back into the club. He knew exactly where to find her. There she was. He froze for a minute at her beauty. She was the true epitome of
enchantment. He smelt the mystery and sweet danger, but he was ready to risk it all. He had met myriads of them, but to him this one was the 8th wonders of the world. She was even more beautiful than she was last night.

“Hello” , he said.

“I’m sorry have we met? ” she replied with a straight face.

He looked shocked.

“I’m just pulling your leg. Where have you hid your girlfriend?” she laughed

She was perfect in every way. Her smile accelerated her perfection. He swallowed the moment with satisfaction.

“So you have been stalking me all this time”, he replied

“I’m not that crazy” she chuckled.

“Do you want to get out of here?” He asked.

“Alright” she shrugged


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A Beautiful Tragedy

She looked him straight in the eyes and softly said, “I am so sorry, I messed up, I was such a fool”.

He looked look back at her in the same style as her’s, only his mind was elsewhere. It had raced back in time. He recalled the first day he had seen her. He had always been excited to meet pretty girls, but not this one. This one brought more than excitement. Tracy smelt of mystery and sweet danger. Mike was risk averse, but boy was he ready. He was ready to dive in.

A bottle of Heineken in his right hand, nodding his head to the west African tune in the club, he was about 3 meters from where she stood. She wore a tight red dress that revealed her beautiful shape and her long legs whenever the lights hit her. Her face made his heart smile. He had never seen a more beautiful form of art. She made no effort to look beautiful. He shot her with his eyes like he usually did to other prey, only this night it was less of a hunting game, but a gaze of intense admiration. She looked back at him, but only for a few seconds. He couldn’t look away, his eyes were glued to the pretty sight.

A few moments later, he took a sip from his bottle and started to dance. As he looked back to her spot, she was there and she was there treating him with a calm stare. The eye contact seemed like a while until she coyly withdrew her eyes from him. He would have loved to go up and talk to her, but her company could not allow. A really dark bearded built dude to her right who seemed to have a mean hook from either hand gave him visions of a Mike Tyson K.O. He wasn’t really afraid, but also he didn’t want to cause any trouble. He could read she was just there for his drinks.

Before he knew it, it was already 5am. He had to leave. He still couldn’t shake this girl off his mental. He was so mad he had had no real chance to talk to her. He cursed under his breathe.

Back at the house, he hungrily munched on the left over hungry lion as his mind carefully went through the events of the night. Suddenly, an idea struck him. He had to go back to the club later that night. Maybe just maybe, she could be there.


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YEAH, WELL IT HAPPENED TO ME: “I haven’t stolen any pens”

I believe most of my awkward moments occurred when I was a little boy back in primary school. I think this was partly because of the insecurities I harboured and that I could also think I was unlucky. For example, I hated being a first born child because most of my fellow pupils were last children. I hated that I didn’t have an older brother, I wouldn’t mind an older sister, but an older brother then was your weapon.

It just felt awkward to me that I could have siblings while some of my friends had none. I really wished I was a last child. When I look back, I just laugh because I know it was probably because I was only young and I have realised it isn’t that fun being the last kid, because all your older siblings get to manipulate you. Despite having myriads of responsibilities as a first child, being born a leader is such an honour I must say, So thank you God 🙂 .

These responsibilities, however, begin even when you are least prepared for them. I went to the same primary school as my young brother. His teacher was Mrs Smith (real name withheld). Mrs Smith was in her early fifties and she always gave me the scares. Her face was always ready to fix me in an embarrassing position. I guess I never really liked her.

Whenever my brother did something silly, Mrs Smith would come rushing to my class to inform me. I always felt ashamed because she had to do it whenever I was in the middle of a lesson with my classmates who were always ready to absorb her news.

“Couldn’t this woman just get a life please”, I could cry in my heart.
It always killed me, I felt unlucky. I never got used to this, no matter the multiple times she did it.

Mrs Smith used to teach remedial lessons or maybe they were just private tuitions. I happened to be in her remedial class one afternoon, not for her lessons though. I was just having a chat with some of my friends whom she taught. I realised that she had left a dozed of her pens she could use for marking. Well not only was my brother silly, but I was too on that day because I stole those pens and took off for my mother’s work place.

The problem was that my mother’s office was just next to my school and no sooner had I settled to cast a joyful look at my acquired treasure than two girls sent by Mrs Smith to let me know she sought to see me, knocked on the door. I knew it was about the pens.

As we started heading back to my school with the girls, I did something really stupid. I mean I was so nervous, I wasn’t used to stealing and in fact when I got those pens I told myself to believe that they never belonged to Mrs Smith, that someone had accidentally left them. I also could picture Mrs Smith’s face and what she could say to me, so you could bet I was so uneasy. I began to shake when we drew closer to her class. I just couldn’t take it anymore and suddenly said to the girls, “I haven’t stolen any pens”

What? I had just sold myself out. Those girls simply came to call me back to school and had mentioned nothing about the pens. I having a panic attack just let out my defence at the wrong time. My guilt was just too enormous to bear at that moment.

It was now time to face Mrs Smith who questioned me as to whether I had stolen her pens. Would I lie I hadn’t? These two girls had already witnessed me sell myself out and any form of denial to Mrs Smith’s question in their presence could be repelled. I still believe this is the most awkward moment in my whole life given I was coy and hated confrontations; worse still it had to be with Mrs Smith.

One fine morning I was with some older boys in the school garden. Everyone was having fun telling stories especially me who was the youngest. It felt cool to hang out with them. Something unexpected happened. Little did I know that as we spoke some terrible ants had embarked on a mission to tour my skin. They really were stealth soldiers because it wasn’t until they were all in my clothes that I felt the first sting on my belly, the next on my thigh and so on and so forth until it was my whole body at once. The older boys just asked me to strip to my underwear so they could help stop the ant biting. It wasn’t a fine morning anymore.
No one hates to be seen in there undies more than a primary school kid especially if there are girls around. Maybe this could have been better at the swimming pool, but this was the school garden. Many pupils had to see this. Even if the method worked to prevent the ants from biting, it still came with an extreme level of humiliation. Everyone was having fun laughing at the boy who had to strip because ants had invaded his clothing.

Today, I just look back, laugh, sigh and say “well, it happened to me”.


What do you know about pain when you never saw little lacy who on a fateful day arrived home from school, into her uncle’s arms-because she loved him. Naive and innocent she had no idea that people are the predators to fear; well the same went for close ones you loved. She had never suspected good turned to evil, but she of all kids had to witness the proverbial reality at a tender age, fully unprepared, not that she had to be. She was only 9, but the uncle she loved raped her. She learnt of the reality of this world the hardest and disheartening way any human being could undergo. Little Lacy was someone’s daughter, sister, grandchild or friend. She was paid pain for her love and trust. Today is her 21st birthday those tears never leave, you don’t know what pain is.

Bad food has an upper hand than pain; at least you can puke it out. Alex had been intelligent all his academic life. He never came across failure nor had an idea what it tasted like. As things were, he was simply a stranger to it and apparently, they would never meet. Many parents wished Alex was theirs; he was an inspiration to his siblings, the envy of his peers and the pride of his parents. Alex was sponsored to university by a big company which promised him a big job upon the completion of his study. On the contrary, Alex struggled Just in in his first year. He was in a completely different world. His friends became strange, his lecturers alien. Even the people that were beneath him during high school caught up with him on his way down as they went up. Alex and failure finally met, they held hands. He lost his scholarship and his big job. No one was patient enough to fathom what happened because the world was busy expecting too much from him. He was only 19, but Alex died of depression, you certainly don’t know what pain is.

Think about the old lady whose eldest son went studying to Scotland, but unlike Alex came back successful. No sooner had he even put his acquired credentials to use than he passed in two weeks after graduating. The ‘pain-well’ had not dried up just yet. Her two married daughters died and left behind grandchildren-orphans.  As if it wasn’t enough, another of her sons died of marital depression. She only has two children left before she is left all by herself, for her husband is gone too. Yes, we don’t know what pain is.

Mary has more hope than the old lady, she is optimistic even after 4 different men cheated on her many a time on different occasions. Would you handle your lover leaving you for your best friend? That is betrayal at its zenith. A couple of years later, Mary meets Malik who seems to fit in her dreams. Finally, her optimism is paying off as it is her wedding day. Most weddings survive the part where the priest asks anyone in the audience to speak or forever be silent, even the much guilty weddings do, but not Mary’s. Malik actually has a baby mama, a wife and a girlfriend. Today Mary won’t cry, she will just faint. Love birds, you don’t know what pain is.

Rick is finally doing fine in life. He has landed himself a job as a driver for a certain manufacturing company. He earns himself extra money by picking up passengers during his deliveries. At the police check point, marijuana is discovered hidden beneath the driver’s seat. Rick has been set up. He gets 5 years imprisonment with hard labour, while the culprit passenger goes away free. You don’t know what pain is.

Pain moves with us, tempts us, teases us, uses us, but we still don’t know what pain is completely because it hits us all differently. We can’t appease pain. For no one is too corrupt for pain,you can never bribe it. Endure it knowing that one day it will all be over, because we don’t really need to know what pain is. Live every happy moment. Allow it to sink in deeply. Never be too coy for happiness, you don’t want to know what pain is.