Thembi: Your favorite Zambian Make Up artist

AquilaSpeaks: Kindly introduce yourself to the people.
Thembi: I Am Abigail Thembiso Moyo aged 25, a pharmacy technologist by profession and a part time makeup artist.
AquilaSpeaks: How did you find yourself on this journey?

Thembi: Being artistic has always been a hobby from childhood, growing up I would express how I felt about a particular situation through drawing, painting and design. As I got older I developed interest in being a stage makeup artist for SFX makeup but due to lack of materials, I decided to focus on beauty makeup.

AquilaSpeaks: How has the journey been so far?

Thembi: Its been quite an interesting and amazing learning Journey being a self-taught makeup artist in Zambia. It has given me an opportunity to work and interact with different people within and out of Zambia.
AquilaSpeaks: Any Notable people you have worked with?

Thembi: I have worked with one of Zambia’s talented Photographers Davies Tony Marko, owner and founder of Tony Media, I have also worked with Zambian female dance hall musician based in Germany, Cassy Nyemba on her recent project ,I have worked with a few Zambian Models Christina, Mulenga Chileshe and Natasha Mapulanga. I’m yet to work with Wayaya Fashions on one of their big fashion shows coming up in March 2018.

AquilaSpeaks: Do you offer makeup Tutorials?

Thembi:Yes I do but it’s been a bit hectic because of my full time Job.

AquilaSpeaks:Small tutorial in a Paragraph?

Thembi:How to do a perfect brow. Clean and shape your brows by either threading, using tweezers or a blade. After shaping brush your eyebrows with a small makeup brush.
Use a brow pencil, gel liner (wax) in colour black or brown to define your eyebrows. If you are using gel liner(wax), you will need a small angle brush to define your brows especially in areas you don’t have enough hair, you can do the same with the pencil. When this is done, use concealer and a concealer brush to clean below and above your brows order to give it a clean finish look.

AquilaSpeaks: How appreciated is this craft in the entertainment industry?

Thembi: The makeup industry in Zambia has actually empowered local Zambian women because it’s a skill that has provided a source of income to Zambian women. Makeup artist are being hired for music videos, TV shows for the presenter’s makeup and fashion shows.

AquilaSpeaks: Which makeup brand would you recommend?

Thembi: I would recommend the following brands for face foundation, Maybelline fit me, wet n wild, loreal, mac, Estée lauder,nars, gosh.
Makeup palates morphe by Jacklyn hill, juvia palates, Nyx, ABH, Colour pop

AquilaSpeaks: Are you dating anyone?

Thembi: NO, currently single

AquilaSpeaks: Any words to female Zambians?

Thembi: Never look down on yourself you can be anything you choose to be the choice is yours. Get educated, always be innovative, be an entrepreneur and help other women get to the top.

There you have it everyone. Great to see a woman doing good. If you want to contact Thembi for anything, you can simply click, here. Thank you for your time, Thembi.

Look out for the next interview dropping next Monday. You never know who is next. 😎

Young Zambian woman making a difference


INTRODUCTION:  Aquila Speaks is proud to host Victoria Daka, a young Zambian lady extending her hand to the less privileged with her skill and love.

In life you never really understand something until circumstances and situations put you in a “no option” zone.

Like every other average teen my idea of fun was going out, being the star and basically just living life young ,wild and free. My life came to a halt when I was 18 and pregant. Everything seemed to be falling apart; in a year I was supposed to start my first law academic year ,I was going to be a mum. In my head I knew life would be tougher. My experience as a teen mom leaves me with one thing in mind, it’s never easy raising a child when you yourself are but a child.

A child can change you in ways you can only imagine, I saw the need to love and care for my child . My son is basically the motivating force in my life, he is the key reason I decided to begin volunteering for the motherless babies at an orphanage.

At the orphanage I met different people all with different stories. Indeed it’s the smiles I see on the kids everytime I’m there that encourages me to go on  every single day and not expect anything in return. To me, the fact that I can make a child happy by simply being a friend, a mentor, a sister is  overwhelming. I basically help the smallest learn to read and write, art and craft, plus my newly acquired hobby enables me to design and tailor dresses for the little girls.

These children are below 6 and are  23 in total: 3 girls and 10 boys. All these kids have different gifts and are beautiful in their own way, it is inspiring when I enter a room and they all run and scream to embrace me. The youngest, perhaps, is my favourite, he reminds me so much of my own son. Little joshua they call him. His crazy laugh feels me with joy. I have  found peace among children, children who have been  robbed of love and family by different circumstances, some death. Some have parents who simply can’t afford to care for them.

I have learnt so much over the past year,you can help someone simply by giving a part of you and this is knowledge our society lacks ,we are  each poor in one way or the other so when blessed in a specific area, share like it’s  your last.

I hope to grow with the same love and compassion and that one day I too will be able to help more than just physically but financially too by making a home for the other children out there, an orphanage of my own.

I hope my little story touched a few people. Love is never love until you give it away. Thank You all

Stories like Victora’s are the kind many other women and generally the whole society can relate to, be it teenage pregnancy or Orphans. When I asked Victoria to write a story she coyly said she had not written anything in years because her love for writing had faded. I told her I would resurrect it and when she sent in her story,  I knew her writing would inspire many. I believe many teenage girls in Zambia can learn from this.

I am proud of her for being brave as this will help so many young Zambian mothers or any women who feel they had children at the wrong time. I believe everything is in God’s plan and there is no need to panic. You can simply make a good out of bad and move on. That is what should be our definition.

Orphans on the other hand should be a concern to all of us. No bragging intended, I made my first donation last year and given enough resources I could do that over and over again. I have had a glimpse into the lives of the less privileged and so I appreciate what Victoria is doing.  Do not get me wrong, but I will say this, being born with parents who fully care for us shadows the reality of the suffering of those who had not a similar privilege and  that is why we need that full exposure. It is only humane to help out the people who have less in our communities. I advise each one of you to just take some time and visit an orphanage near you . You do not necessarily have to donate, but spending time to interact with those children will be such a satisfying experience.

Thanks all for reading have a pleasant weak ahead. God bless. 

NB: Victoria is a shy one so she wasn’t ready to have her picture on the cover, but if you  have anything of encouragement to say to her, feel free to drop comments below she will appreciate.



The innocence of one at their birth is definite, but gradually begins to fade as the years go by. Guardians start introducing measures in the name of protection. You can’t go into the streets on your own because there are monsters out there. You start hearing of little children abducted, raped, killed and of serial killers. You develop fear. Growing older, you want something to believe in. Something to take away your fear, something to always assure you that as cold as the world may be, all will be well. Obviously, you discover religion and all your expectations of it are positive. Initially you believe those monsters of old never find their way into religion, until the news says Pastor Rapes, Bishop molests, you are shocked. You realise that if the world was a balance sheet, it would never balance.


So what is wrong with the world today? No! I think the right question is “what is wrong with the church today”?  Paul once said that fornication and all uncleanness should never be mentioned among the saints. Ephesians {5:3}. Yes with God no sin is inferior to the other, but frankly in our eyes, rape is worse than fornication. Why should sexual harassment (and by church leaders) be mentioned in the church?

Yes to err is human, but a pervert is a pervert. I have never seen a healing procedure where the ‘man of God’ asks a woman to bring funny paraphernalia like milk, chicken, water from a river or oil to the bush where they remain isolated and plans to have her ‘healed’. I have never read a passage in the BIBLE that had the Lord Jesus Christ or any of the prophets lead a woman to a remote area to have them healed or delivered. I mean it is okay if you pray for her in your church office or in a room in your house, but not taking them to a place without people.

First of all you know it will be tempting for you to go with her to a faraway place where there are no people so why take her there in the first place?  There is very few who can act like Joseph. That’s a test for a pervert right there. That’s your musing expressed. You know already what you want to do to the woman. A real minister of God will not act in that manner. I just think such men are evil in their minds and outwardly appear godly and feign righteousness; they are Rapists in clergymen’s skin.

How are you going to bring in converts if such is your testimony? What god do you represent? If you know that women are your weakness or you basically have a corrupt mind, why not step down as a leader and seek rehabilitation? Why disgrace your name, your church and your family? You see things done in secret have a way to find themselves in public and that is no secret. As you enjoy undressing and touching that woman, know that God’s eyes are open and even the same woman’s eyes are. It will come in the open and then you will be judged by everyone, the law of the Land and not forgetting the almighty God. People exhibit no fear for God at all. It is alarming.

This isn’t just about church leaders, but any man or woman who takes advantage of others to abuse them sexually should come to their senses before they face God’s wrath. This goes to guardians of vulnerable children, employees and anyone who thinks their position has ‘benefits’ of mistreating others.

Now let’s talk about the victims of these ‘clergy men’s’ acts. Woman do you realise you have a “NO” word in your mouth? Oh yes you do, but why are you going to be foolish and desperate as to put your trust in a foolish man? Why do you have to be led like a tail into a bush were the person you think you trust so much could even murder you? Why put yourself in jeopardy? Have you not a sense of genuineness?  Maybe it’s true what they say that real recognise real. Wake up. Put your trust in God and not in a dying man. The bible says believers shall lay their hands on the sick and they shall recover (Mark 16:18), not invite them into the bush and undress them. So sisters, Ignorance is no defence, but knowledge is power.

Sometimes you are to blame because you get too desperate when you don’t have to. I have no support for the fools who take advantage of you however, you have to be cautious.


Let’s put our trust in God and not man. Amen.


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And I mean everywhere.

And I mean everywhere.

One thing a female model will admire about me these days besides my face *wink* is my appetite. If you have seen me lately you can actually agree with me as my physical appearance says it all. I am not insinuating that I was the burly type before and then shrunk, but you all know I am kinda slim- if you know me. Recent remarks I get from people that last saw me a year or many months ago are finally becoming a cliché and honestly this is becoming irritating.

Sorry to disappoint anyone who read my very first blog post last year in November because I mentioned the Gym. Uhm nah I don’t want to remind you of that because it’s better for me if you don’t remember *laughs*. I don’t want to be judged as not a man of my words.

Let’s get back to the remarks. Sometime this year, my dad’s aunt visited us. You can agree with me that old people can be so blunt at times, maybe just Zambian grandparents. It had really been almost 2 years since I last saw her. Since I am a slim fit lover, and I am slim, the only thing this granny could notice is how much weight I had lost. Of course she could have said this in a funny way, but every grandchild knows a point has already been made in that case. “Look how small your waist is” Translate that into Bemba. Man! she made me feel like I was an AIDS patient, no offence to those people, but in all honesty, I felt that way. I almost felt like being slim was unacceptable or something. This part of society is utter bullshit.

So the remarks went on and on, I could have put up with them, but not until recently. The latest remark is what really got to my nerves. This woman visited my mother and seeing me fix myself a plate for lunch, she went on to say “Aquila, such little food, which is probably why you don’t get fat”. This looks innocent in writing, but if you are Zambian you can agree that it’s like you eat to get fat and again being fat doesn’t suggest being necessarily obese. In other words she meant, you should be eating enough to gain some weight, because your physical appearance is not right. See? This is another society stereotype. You can’t be thin, it is not normal, but also again they will tell you, you can’t be fat, it’s never normal. So what the hell is normal then? I don’t believe in it.

I don’t even know if that is some sort of beauty standard to them, but all that matters to me is that I am happy with what I look like. I don’t appreciate how society takes away your personal preference and ‘coerces’ you into complying with its standards. Do you know how many beautiful structured women are starving themselves so they can look like the model on the cover of vogue or on TV or men will not pursue them? Society wants them to believe that men only desire slender women, but last time I checked, one man’s meat was another man’s poison. We are all being drugged into believing these assumptions and we are too hypnotised to resist.

Screw those Magazines that present to you ‘Sexiest Man/Woman’. What the hell is that even supposed to mean? Look at it this way, the only people that will make it to the cover of that magazine is a small percentage of people who are considered to have the qualities of being ‘too sexy’. Does this mean the rest of the world is not good enough? Since the rest of us are not good enough, should we go and get facial jobs to look like those people? What the hell? I have never seen such crappy media. We are even there to vote for people to get those titles, blind enough not to see other people being judged as “not good enough”

I don’t believe in beauty and ugly all together. I believe everyone is beautiful in any way they prefer. You will hear words like “not good enough”, but trust me there’s no such thing we perceive as perfection. I will admit though that I really love the fact Lupita Ny’ong’o was named ‘most beautiful woman’ by People Magazine. I mean according to your T.V standards, she couldn’t even have been recognised, but it took rational people who saw beyond a fake perception of beauty and realised beauty could be defined in a million ways.

Many people are led to believe that Light skinned people are always winning, that you are not really beautiful if your skin is dark. That again is some bullshit. People are led into some society pressure of using chemicals that will make their skin lighter forgetting there are side effects involved. I believe that true beauty is natural beauty, doesn’t matter if you are Asian, White, Mixed, Black or Hispanic. Like Jermaine Cole once said, there is no need to fix what God already put a paint brush on.

Your movies make you believe that all men should be muscular. Every guy should look like Morris Chestnut. You are not sexy without a six pac. If you don’t feel like going to the gym bro, don’t even bother. Your muscles won’t keep your woman, but your personality and vision for your future. Again if you want to be muscular, there is nothing wrong with your choice. Remember, it should be about you and not what others think unless you are convinced they are right. I am not for the idea of going topless in public, but I admire Rick Ross’ attitude. How many men of his weight would be so proud of their body that way? I am not saying you now go and post pictures on Instagram showing your pot belly because this society still needs healing or just a purge, but I want you to know that if you love it that way, love it more. Trust me, society will one day flip the coin and say, pot bellies is the new sexy and every guy will go looking for one.

Ladies it is normal for you to easily get plump, but if it goes beyond proportion, it will be your choice to slim down and not done to please the world. I felt disgusted when Rob Kardashian’s weight gain became such a huge fuss, online. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Gaining weight doesn’t make you any stupid, stupidity lies in your mind.

I am so tired of people acting so inconsiderate; I am tired of some of these beauty standards. I have reached a point where I don’t even care if someone decides to believe I lack the qualities of what they call beauty because what matters is what I see in the mirror. I am not even cheeky or a narcissist. Pragmatically, no individual applied to God asking Him to make them some type of way and that is why at times I feel unnecessary plastic surgery is blasphemy. If God really thought you were ugly, he wouldn’t have possibly created you because God never created ugly -well unless you are Lucifer. Let’s just appreciate what we are. Everyone is beautiful and if we can all believe this, we won’t even care about society’s measuring rule.

You have no one to live up to. “Oh I got to look like Ronaldo”, or “I have to bleach my skin so men like me better”. No No No. Appreciate who you are because beauty standards are Just crap. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. What your eye sees in the mirror.
God bless you, thanks for reading and don’t forget to hit one of the share buttons below.

NB: You can read Beauty Standards are Bullshit part 1 by Belle Jar, Here

Televison and internet is the mirror society forces you to use

Televison and internet is the mirror society forces you to use


I couldn’t believe in strength if I didn’t see you get up and walk again given the countless wounds your heart received.
You weren’t foolish, but full of hope every time you gave him another chance, or did falling too hard sell you out?
As tears pour down your beautiful face, you wonder why it’s got to be this way.
You invested too much only to get back so little.
Maybe loving too hard should be insured after all, or a sign should have read “CAUTION: DO NOT FALL FOR HIM, KEEP MOVING AHEAD”.

He who once whispered in your ear , “I Love you so much, I don’t ever wanna lose you”, left you for cold. He gets the award for acting distant, after all you gave him.
Why should the person holding your heart want to believe they are holding a ball to kick?
Is he blind not to see pain? Did he switch off his humanity…. Is he a vampire?
He seems more of your philosophy lecturer than your partner. The questions you’ve been asking of late really amaze me.
You may not have imagined this, but the day your efforts are in vain is finally here. The day you have to question your dignity dances in your face, because for once you doubt you are good enough for someone.
I still do not see you packing your bags. Is falling too hard a flaw?
But Inside you lives a quality greater than endurance, strength greater than strength itself, because after everything he put you through, you still hope for the best, you still love.
You told me love is beautiful, but in your state I almost thought you insane, but I realised you redefine love.
Because at times giving up is too easy, you choose not to let go. Love isn’t your weak spot, but actually your strength and there is nothing wrong with loving too much.
You are not the problem, he is.
It should be easy being superman, because superwoman here handles worse.
But please, indulge me; let me be your superman, because today I will rescue you. Today I will teach you to fly, today we are leaving.
Glad you can now finally sing enough is enough because you can say you are done in a million ways.
Maybe he needs time to grow up. Like someone told me, a weak man cannot know what to do with a strong woman.
Hey Wake up my sister, God did not create you to harbour pain, to be betrayed, or to be left alone to soak in that tormenting rain.
God want’s your beauty to glow, your love appreciated, and your joy to flow.
There should be a flaw in the system: Love unappreciated, beauty abandoned, pain inflicted is not what your type gets paid back with. I have a feeling you never waited enough upon the Lord.But don’t kick yourself; let me take you to a world that knows not the words: side or main.

Embrace the new warmth, welcome this new day. You have to heal, it may take some time, I know it feels like stepping on quick sand but it will be worth it eventually.
A princess like you belongs to only one prince and him alone to you. He patiently awaits you.
If the past ever haunts you, to it say “swerve” because the new day is too sweet to be ruined.
…To the special Lady.


Is loyalty a question of sex?

Is loyalty a question of sex?

I reckon the Chris Brown song is already playing in your mind. Yeah we are living in a world where we the youths are influenced by the music we listen to, what we watch on TV and what we see on the internet. Only yesterday was the “YOLO era”, next everyone was saying “Ya gon learn today”, “alright alright alright” and today, “These girls ain’t loyal”? Wow (chuckles). I can only imagine what the next terminology will be.

Anyway it is unfortunate to note that money or wealth is bait for some girls. I still do not recall when someone ceased to be priceless. Oh wait! My mind might have been in a subliminal state because everyone knows sex is a commodity. Four women will date a particular guy for the money at the same time and find a way to be cool with it. We all have heard of women that left their husband and children for a rich dude. These women ain’t loyal yeah?

My mate narrated a story to me of how his cousin was so much in love with his girl-enough to pay for her university tuition because she wasn’t able to afford. She must have forgotten or was cold enough to forget her boyfriend’s sacrifices and efforts for her because she started cheating on him when he sent her to university and eventually dumped him. Yikes! I dread being this guy as I can’t imagine handling such pain besides that he was at the verge of going insane. Wow these girls are so bad hey? (Laughs)

However, I feel it takes so much courage to be able to judge all the girls as disloyal besides terming them h**s. I feel it is so ridiculous. I do not see why one’s single experience with a cold woman should make him judge all women as devils. It’s as good as saying “all men are dogs”. I do not want to believe all girls are disloyal. Pragmatically, it is proven that women are more affectionate than men and really love hard when you give them a reason to. While you call all men dogs, one may ask you what breed your father may be and while you call every woman disloyal, your mother’s loyalty to your father could be questioned. If you dated someone that did a number on you, find time to move on however hard it will be and not time to judge that person’s entire clan, clique, nationality or sex.

The world is vast and you are likely to meet different people with different persona and dispositions. Hard luck when you met an indifferent person, but it doesn’t mean you become a perfunctory philosopher; judging all women as snakes or all men as players or dogs. Seriously if all women or all men are dogs, how are many relationships surviving? The problem is you love rushing and want to jump on every available bus because you are desperate to leave the bench. You forget Deuteronomy 4:4. “But yeah that did cleave to unto the LORD your God are alive every one of you this day”.Do you not realise that those heartbreaks and mistreatment you experience with that wrong person are gradual killers? Why do you not exercise patience and remember Isaiah 40:31?

Being disloyal is not dependent on the sex of someone. It is just another stereotype of the world today of attaching certain behaviour to a particular sex. What about men that leave their wives and spend their money on some other woman at the expense of their family? Is that also not being disloyal? Some people are loyal and others are not. If you come to think of it, even some of the disloyal people might have a genuine reason of being that way and once nurtured would be able to see the light.

As I conclude, I just want to share with you a tweet I saw this week that said “Cheating= Calling, texting, hugging, winking, seeing, kissing, having sex and flirting with someone else while you are in a relationship” Analyse this tweet and check how loyal you are.

Live for hope, not everyone is disloyal.

Give it to the women

women deserve a chance
women deserve a chance

It is almost astounding to come to the realisation of the existence of male chauvinists in this day.However,with the proverbial being this is a free world,the situation is not transcendental as everyone is entitled to an opinion of their own.I find looking down on women unorthodox as I believe they are as good as male beings.
The best input into women is inspiration and motivation as their response to this stimulus is so overwhelming.For example,when Pompi released the song,make up,the trend in most young Zambian women has been the quest to live up to the typical Proverbs:31 lady which is really astonishing.This shows how focussed women can be in a positive way.
Women have proven to be influential in so many fields,from politics to entertainment.Margaret Thatcher undoubtedly should be every female politician’s inspiration as she is such a landmark in political history.Mother Teresa is an afflatus not only to the women folk,but to the world as a whole.In the entertainment industry,Oprah Winfrey has proven to women that they too can be philanthropists and a light to others.
It is imperative for every woman to be independent in every necessary aspect of life.I find it unethical for a woman to date or marry a man sorely for financial support.Until they realise this,women will see the degeneration of their mistreatment by some men as they give those men a sense of ownership.Today,women should realise that education is meant for them too.“Beauty does not last,but you may be rich forever”.
What inspired me to write this post was my mother who has been exquisite and exemplary throughout my life from morals to education.I wish to congratulate her on attaining yet another degree-masters.she could be a great inspiration to so many young ladies out there.The truth is women deserve our gratitude and our respect as men and it all begins with them setting their standards high and not reducing themselves to video vixens and any other activity of dignity loss.
I desire is to see a world that does not prejudice women because I know they are capable of attaining every possible greater heights.Give women a chance,they could just build Rome in a day.