The Graduation


In truth,one of the most cherished moments in life is the end of a seasonal struggle.It is obvious that all we want is convenience and so every time a struggle befalls us,we pray to see its termination.

The last two years have been the most challenging in my whole life academically.The norm being the fact that I am always finding school easy hasn’t been the case this time around.I think this should be accredited to the evolution of my lifestyle and the failure to adapt to the many cons of my new institution of learning.With this said,I am now a staunch believer of the phrase “success comes after suffering”.

Throughout this race,my hope has been to see the years fly past quickly to pave way for the end of the struggle in mention.It so happens this has actually come to pass.However,I had invested in picturing  the substitute for school.I thought about a lot of things,but I will only tell you about three of the most important plans I pictured.

-Firstly,I realised the need to polish up my relationship with God.With school nolonger in my way,I lacked it as a scapegoat for my being busy-in a positive way.

-I decided I had to put my writing skills to use again.I then opened a word press account a few days after my last paper.I just couldn’t neglect one of my strengths and let it rust.I will work on my consistency so I have a publication every week.

-lastly,I could feel the gym calling me.I have to admit I haven’t been as athletic as I had been five years ago and being a bit more muscular wouldn’t hurt at all.

The catch here is time is undoubtedly valuable and hence we should be positively productive at all costs.Yes! We do need to relax at some point,but laziness should never be under the radar.

To sum this up,I would love you to reflect on what you think you can do in your free time and what steps you should undertake to achieve your goals.Remeber we graduate seasonally,chapters open and close.