Still a shoking and controversial topic in Zambia

Still a shoking and controversial topic in Zambia

I have been at pains to express myself regarding this topic, but yet again I have managed to keep my cool until recently all my Twitter and Facebook feed have had a tweet or an update about Bobby East since this weekend. Well I don’t know how true this is that the recently leaked Zambian sex tape features Zambian rapper, Bobby East, but I am sure those interested enough as to have seen it can testify better. It is a shame though how some people are busy making reviews of it publicly.

So sex tapes yeah? Quite a sensitive topic on a critical platform which is our country, but given the fact that the existence of sex tapes in Zambia is no longer a western story, we can’t afford to be hypocritical and remain quiet. This is something we need to discuss. After so many events we have seen reported in the news, Zambia’s innocence is in doubt.

The main question here is why do couples have to film their coitus.

Last year my mate introduced me to a reality show most of you should be familiar with called Love and Hip-hop Atlanta. This was how come I came to know Stevie J’s baby mama, Mimi Faust. See I reserved so much respect for MIMI and hated Stevie for having cheated on her. However, a few months ago the Love and Hip-hop Facebook page reported about MIMI making a sex tape she was apparently proud of. I felt so disappointed given I held MIMI in high esteem. MIMI made the sex tape for money and fame. The other day I read she made US$ 100 000 off it.

I know $100 000 sounds like cool cash, but I believe that was the stupidest way to earn it. You see, MIMI is a mother of a little girl who will one day grow up to learn of what her mother did back then. I wonder what Mimi will have to say to the little girl if she herself makes one when she is only a teenager. Will she say “Eva, I am so disappointed in you”? No! Absolutely No.

Money on the other hand is not meant to last. If Vincent McMahon could lose $350 million at once, how much more $100K? In such a case, would it have been worth it for MIMI to undress for the Camera, which is the eye of the internet? I don’t know. I don’t want to judge MIMI. I am merely feeding you my opinion.

Most celebrity sex tapes have been inspired by Mrs Kim West and Paris Hilton who today enjoy millions of dollars and fame. There is hardly a week that IN TOUCH WEEKLY or the HUFFINGTON POST doesn’t post about Kim Kardashian.

Another girl that went to do a sex tape is the great Emmy award winning actor Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter, Montana. I can only imagine how much pain Mr Fishburne choked on when he received the news. I know parents tell their children they can be anything they want, but if you asked them, none would want to raise a pornstar.

You see Africa or Zambia specifically is influenced so much by the west and all this is evident in the way we talk, dress, walk and from the western examples I have cited, you can now imagine the roots of these tapes surfacing here. All this is possible, thanks to television and the internet.

But wake up my fellow Africans, this is not America. Today Kim Kardashian is married regardless of a sex tape history, but what man will be willing to take you as wife here and whose man’s family will accept you?

I want to believe that a couple filming their acts does it for themselves as the only viewing audience, but how it ends up to the public is a question of responsibility and trust. When one of the two is childish enough as to show other parties their filmed acts, the other will suffer the consequences, well both of them actually although it is always worse for the girl. However, it is still against the Zambian law to produce such material. If you are going to make such, you need to carefully guard it because you never know in whose hands it lands. Work on your privacy settings at least. Get me right though, I am not in support of such.

Personally, I would never film my act. I mean what’s the point. I don’t believe sex was meant to be filmed. Before the first camera more than two centuries ago, people enjoyed coitus all the same. It is not as if the pleasure will be enhanced once a camera is introduced.

The consequences you face once that tape leaks will outweigh any advantages you imagined of making that sex tape by 99:1. First of all, you will have to face the judging eyes and mouths of society because your self-esteem will be questioned – worse for an honourable being as a woman. Secondly, the law will have to play its part on you too. I can go on listing the consequences.

So my answer is NO, it is not okay to film your act. Your act should be between you two and in the confines of your bedroom. I think sex has lost its meaning today. It is a huge shame that pornography sites are even allowed to be hosted on the internet. What about the little ones, what about the coming generations? If this generation can be this perverted, I can only imagine the future.

So people let us be very careful with how we use our webcams, phone cameras, TV cameras and most of all, don’t make a sex tape. You may not agree with everything I have had to say, but hey we are all entitled to our opinion. I am sorry if you feel i said too much, 🙂 but I hope I will not have to write about such again in the hope that my message will be carried through. Zambia is a Christian nation, we can’t risk losing that. Who knows, maybe that’s why God grants us peace.

Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead and God bless Zambia.