In the midst of the sad news of the loss of our beloved leader, President Sata, I received some good news to at least comfort me. It was great news too.

I again want to announce (in case you never heard ) that my blog scooped two awards in the First ever blogging awards in Zambia. The 2014 Zambia social media awards were aimed at celebrating the best in Zambian blogging.

Readers that have followed this blog carefully  know that my blog is less than a year old. It will be a year this November. So winning BEST  BLOG OVERALL, or  in other words, BLOG OF THE YEAR,  is a statement that speaks a lot  for me. I then went on to win BEST NEW BLOG, so I can say ‘we really  shut it down’. 🙂

I couldn’t have done it without support from #TEAMAQUILA. You guys are the best. I received so much overwhelming support from a lot of people.

I want to take this time to thank Mubanga Banda  (wow your support still leaves me in awe You were like my personal secretary only I never paid You 😄 🙂 , thanks my friend ) , Musonda Sakala (so ever  humbled by You), Ivy you’re  the best , Byness Mukabe, my brother Jeson, Mwansa chola, Mwikoh,  Tisa Ngosa, Ngao, lesiana.

You guys are the best,  because of You, we won by a huge margin. The Break down of the votes are available Here.

Also thanks so much to the people that provided competition in every category I was nominated. You made this journey exciting. The likes of Benny Blow👏- such an amazing writer. Huge thanks to the awards committee, this was not a failing, but  motivating  initiative. I can’t wait for the awards ceremony next year.

You can view the full list of winners Here

My dream is to  look back and say “well we pioneered ‘real’ blogging in Zambia.”

If at all your name is not among any of those I thanked above, Just know that I appreciate your efforts too and thanks very much  for your support.

I encourage every Zambian with writing talents to please open up a  blog. We want to ‘feed’ on what positivity your mind can produce. Also let us improve our reading culture. Why should my blog get most visitors from the United Kingdom when it is Zambian? Let us emulate the reading culture exhibited by  the UK.

2014 has been crazy,  but this is one of the great highlights.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to say a prayer for the Sata family and the nation as a whole as we mourn our departed Father.

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