“REST IN PEACE KING COBRA”: The ‘Royal’ Family mourns.

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Will a Good Samaritan kindly embrace Bana Zambia? Only last week did she present a face embedded in elation only to become a weary figure a few days later. Any premonition of this was never in her imagination because after 50 years, optimism was her comforter. Clearly she was never ready for this, clearly she never envisaged this catastrophe. She was always optimistic, but the irony that fate presents you with is now chewing her limbs.

“Were is the hood that covered me these few years, were is my Cobra?” The frantic wails cannot be overlooked. “Who will take care of my children like my King ever did?” Will a Good Samaritan embrace mother Zambia? The tears I see will keep the Victoria Falls running for a while.

Zambian president Michael Sata dies at age 77. Is there no better headlines to wake up to? Why do we lack the power to alter some truths? You can never fathom fully the moment when the sad truth hits you in the face. To tell you that the father who has always been there is no more. No one meets pain and embraces it. It is ever thorny. Bana Zambia is bitter, but tell me, who will not sympathise with a woman widowed twice?

I do not see why Mama Zambia won’t get sentimental about this one. Here is a loss of a man who demonstrated patience and determination in a manner so peaceful. When most easily throw in the towel, the King fought hard for his turn and the most distressing part is he only lived a few years to accomplish his first task. It is important to note that in these few years, a legacy worth celebrating for years to come lies vividly in our vicinity. Who shall not, but praise this King Cobra? His peaceful act in pursuing power remains a global lesson. Whereas power ‘hungry’ filled opposition leaders sought violence to get to their destination, Michael Sata exhibited politics of maturity in his seat of opposition.While in power, he took nonsense from no one. Work or get fired. He is a sempiternal blueprint, an afflatus to every leader.

Thousands of miners’ threatened jobs saved, road networks upgraded, infrastructure developed and upgraded. Ushitasha mwana wandoshi (He who doesn’t appreciate is a wizard’s offspring). If at all the works of MC become apparent to you only after his demise, it is much better than being unappreciative at all. Pragmatically, no one is perfect. This nation can only be changed overtime and MC has contributed immensely to the change that paves way for development. The imagination of what more works our father could have carried out had he completed his terms of office really drives the ‘royal’ family into mourning, because of a fear of being deprived of a great vision he carried.

A melancholic tune engrosses the ears of Bana Zambia. However, it is time for her to salute a real soldier. He that fought a good fight deserved the recognition, the praise the respect. We reflect on the death of our president. A man who was humble enough to attend ordinary people’s funerals. Today, it is the turn of both the ordinary and the ‘eminent’ to give a standing ovation to the King Cobra. Today we sing an anthem of love and appreciation. Today and forever do we remember King Cobra.

This cloud is too dark, but in everything we hope to see the illumination at the end of the tunnel believing the spirit of our departed leader watches over us. We thank God for the life of MC and for the leadership He allowed him: as all leadership comes from God.

We pray that the vision of our late president be continued and ask for no room for wrangles. We pray that whoever succeeds MC puts a smile on the resting soul of our president and also on us. The bar, however, has been raised too high because MC was really a workaholic. Even in times of illness, he worked for us all, he never gave up- he never resigned. It is very sad for Zambia to lose a president for the second time. Sata is someone we all have loved. The one president whose election into office resulted into an overwhelming episode of a boisterous Zambia. MC was a man the majority Zambians wanted, and to us God gave and from us He has taken. It is painful to imagine, but we are here. Baba, we shall miss your voice that was easily mimicked (“corruption, I am sorry”) and your sense of humour during your campaign sessions.

It is now time for the King Cobra to rest after a faithful fight and all we can say is “REST IN PEACE MICHAEL CHILUFYA SC”, we will forever miss and love you.

Nelson Mandela-A global afflatus lost

My favorite quote
My favorite mandela quote

We are all born in a similar way,but what tends to distinguish us eventually is the impact we have on others.Nelson Mandela’s impact on the world was and still is immaculate as well as sempiternal.It is therefore with no surprise that after the announcement of his demise,the global family remains in a state of hypochondria and melancholy.

In a world once infiltrated with apartheid was an opposition that fought it.Today ,South Africa enjoys the perks of the sacrifice of a man selfless enough to live for others,while the world remains in awe.In the words of Goodluck Jonathan,a man of an indefatigable spirit.

No one is perfect,but Mandela has so much to learn from because a lot was in him that we lack.This century is privileged enough to witness a trait with a name greater  than forgiveness.Imprisoned for 27 years for a righteous cause and never to seek revenge while having the opportunity is merely indescribable.As he said, “courageous people do not fear forgiving for the sake of peace”.Nelson Mandela is a hat trick scored by a divine power.

World leaders of today should take a leaf out of Madiba’s book.Leadership is not a road to trample on people,but an escalator to lift them up from every level of discomfort.Nelson Mandela served his people and his legacy lives on forever as this has consequently influenced the whole world.Here is a challenge to our presidents as complacency should be because they achieved a goal-satisfying their flock.Their imagination of what the world says after their orbituary should now be active for they should strive to emulate Nelson’s legacy.

It is evident that Madiba is really celebrated when social networks like twitter went ‘boisterous ’ as people sent their messages and thoughts of him and he obviously trended.I think it would take  every individual in this world to write their portion on Mandela to create a complete appraisal and praise that he fully deserves.I want to conclude this on one note that really inspires me in life-a quote by Mandela. “There is no passion to be found in playing small-settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living”

Thank you and rest in peace Tata Nelson Mandela